What & How: Avoid these 10 Digital Marketing Mistakes!

Because we’re in the age of the internet, your business needs to be web-friendly. With the use of digital marketing, you can raise awareness about your company, brand, and product.

An audience can be reached and a reputation can be built through internet activity. To be clear: Digital marketing can be done correctly and incorrectly.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Mistakes

Make sure you avoid these frequent mistakes to ensure that you’re doing it right.

1. Not having a blog is a big mistake

It’s important to keep in mind that you’re not just aiming to promote your site, but also yourself as an authority in your field. You will become a trusted voice in your industry if you consistently post high-quality blog content. In addition, each blog post represents a new indexed page for your site, which increases your site’s visibility in Google search results.

Don’t only start a blog; make it interactive as well. To get answers to your questions, post them in the comment box. In addition, you can include guest blogs or interviews with scholars or successful individuals in your area of expertise.

Pro Tips: Those that blog strategically, with the goal of offering actual value to their clients can:

  • Boost your online presence and increase your organic traffic.
  • More than 97 per cent of your indexed links will be increased.
  • Gain the trust of potential and current customers.

Create and share high-quality useful content with your audience to take advantage of these benefits.

2. Avoiding Facebook and other social media sites.

When it comes to social media, you may think that you can get away with not participating. Unfortunately, we must inform you that you are mistaken! A key part of converting leads into consumers is this method.

Promoting your business online is made easier by getting your message out there, connecting with your target audience, and keeping them engaged. Instead of trying to do everything yourself, find out why you need a social media manager.

3. Refusing to consider mobile users.

About half of the world’s web traffic now comes from mobile devices. Don’t forget to optimise your site for mobile users as well, so that the load time is as fast on mobile as it is on desktop.

Make sure your website’s design can be accessed on a mobile device.

4. Non-discounting and promotional products.

Research by Retail Me Not found that two-thirds of buyers made an unplanned purchase due to a discount. Promotional pop-ups, such as coupon codes or limited-time deals, are an excellent way to entice customers to return to your site after they’ve already made a purchase. A promotion-enabled call-to-action is a must-have for your website.

5. Using Keyword Research in the wrong way.

SEO is a must since potential clients need to be able to locate you online. Determine which keywords are the most essential, the most popular, and the easiest to rank for. Each keyword should be ranked, tracked, and analysed to see if visits from that term are converting into customers.

Pro Tips: Your SEO plan should include the following elements:

  • In addition to the keywords you want to rank for, you also want to make sure your target audience is searching for the same terms you are. Focus on keywords with a high search volume and a reasonable likelihood of being ranked.
  • It is important to provide high-quality, relevant, long-form material that is thoroughly studied for search engines, such as Google and Bing. Improve user engagement and dwell time by including multimedia and aesthetically rich components such as videos.
  • Having a mobile-friendly website is a key SEO indication, as mobile traffic has overtaken desktop traffic in recent years.
  • Get backlinks from authoritative websites and influential people in your sector to establish yourself as an authority.
  • When optimising your picture names, pay attention to the tiniest of things, such as naming your images with keywords, as well as establishing the alt tags.
  • Short and straightforward URLs that include a primary keyword and define the page’s topic are superb SEO indicators.

6. Aiming for a wide audience.

Trying to contact as many individuals as possible with your marketing budget is a waste of money. Make sure you have a specific target market in mind.

Make no assumptions or rely on estimates when it comes to determining the demographics of your audience. Find out who your ideal customers are and how you can best approach them by conducting thorough research.

7. Disregard for social proof.

As a result of seeing happy, satisfied consumers, more people will buy from you. Your website’s visitors will feel more confident in your company’s products and services if you include customer reviews, case studies, and success stories in your content. They can take comfort in the fact that they, too, shall be.

8. No definite plan of action.

There are no goals to track and no methodologies backed by research without a strategy and a vision. A lot of time, money, and resources can  waste by doing this type of thing. The first step in developing a marketing strategy is to identify your target audience, create attainable targets, and keep track of your success.

9. Turning a blind eye to the competition

There’s a good chance that you’re not the only one doing this. Instead of denying their existence, make an effort to stand out.

If you have a distinctive selling point, make sure it is prominently displayed on your website. What sets you apart from the competition should be crystal obvious on your website.

10. Poor web design

A well-optimized landing page and a call to action are essential features of a website designed for digital marketing. Offers and discounts should prominently present. In order to convert website visits into useful leads, you need an engaging and informative website.

Digital Marketing’s Influence

To succeed in business, you must have the right marketing tools and tactics. With digital marketing, there are no limits to what you may do in terms of professional development.

Improving your digital marketing strategy by focusing on the proper prospects, and building an optimised website will help your company reach its full potential.

If you have any inquiries about free digital marketing consultation, collaboration or a career with MediaOne, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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