9 Ideal Ways to Boost Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Despite criticism by political commentators and business experts, marketers still choose the right social media platform for business growth. That’s because over 3.8 billion individuals are using different social media networking sites at present. And this number can grow in the near future.

That 3.8 billion is approximately 49% of the world population, and it grew by 9% last year. This means that it is quite likely that the remaining 51% of individuals will become active social media users very soon.

Thus, to boost your social media marketing efforts and brand awareness, delight the followers and drive in new business, you should use different creative ways, some of which are as follows:

Tips for Improving Your Social Media Marketing

1. Create a Plan and Try Sticking To It

Having a proper execution strategy is your way to success. Without that, your content can fall through the cracks. Have a number you have to hit every day. For example, the number of tweets you will be publishing per day. This will offer you a benchmark and an objective at the very least.

Carry out proper industry research to find out competitors’ posting frequency and understand the ideal number of posts per day for different channels. Remember, you need to be active but not overly active.

The best is to set up a shareable, weekly calendar with strategies jotted down for marketing on the different social media channels. Planning out ahead is good but make sure your planning is flexible enough to make necessary additions as and when required.

2. Choose the Right Social Media Marketing Tools

Choosing the right social media marketing tools is essential here because they are your secret weapon to mark your territory on social media platforms. These tools come loaded with powerful marketing features like analyzing performance, scheduling posts, engaging with clients, and capturing lead opportunities.

They can also help you in managing different social media marketing disciplines effortlessly. From curating and scheduling content to accommodate last-minute changes and managing campaigns, these tools do it all, making social media marketing a smooth sailing experience for you.

3. Invest Time in Researching the Target Audience

As a marketer, you cannot make assumptions about your target audience. Instead, use social data to understand your audience better. Consider social media demographics minutely because these will help you understand the networks your brand must approach and the type of content you must create. Some key takeaways for 2022 include:

  • YouTube and Instagram are the top social networking sites among Gen Z and Millenials.
  • YouTube and Facebook are the perfect destinations for business advertisements because of their huge user base.
  • The LinkedIn user base features educated individuals making it the perfect platform for industry-specific, detailed content.

The idea here is not to spread the word about your business very thin. Instead, focus on the platforms where the core audience of your business remains active.

4. Use Live Videos

Live videos bring good business to brands by engaging their target audiences on a massive level. A survey says that 88% of the individuals like watching videos from brands instead of going through their written content.

In addition to this, 67% of the individuals who watch live videos have a higher chance of buying from a brand.

Take the example of AutoTrader, the largest online car marketplace in Ireland and the UK. The company’s interactive video showing the interaction of its Financial Director with the public brought in significant traffic and even huge revenues on its site. The brand captures the attention of its audience by using Twitter Conversational Cards and videos that encourage conversations and increase reach.

So, just like AutoTrader, you can live stream interviews, brand events, and behind-the-scenes for increasing audience engagement. 


5. Encourage Feedback from the Customers

Use simple incentives to encourage the audience to give feedback on your products and services. You can also give customers the chance to win something or specific discounts as these are great motivators.

The key here is offering customers something valuable that fits into your business structure. Try brainstorming several offers and see what will work for your business. Try building future incentives based on those successes.

6. Choose the Right Social Media Platforms

Ideally, you must use the social media platforms where you are most likely to find your target audience. Also, consider the amount of time your target audience is spending on the different networking sites. This requires some solid probing.

Studies by Pew Research Center put down that Facebook is the best platform for business marketing because people of all ages use it actively. As per the latest statistics, there are 2.91 billion Facebook users, making it an excellent place to start for brands of all varieties.

Apart from this, if you are looking to expand your network of professionals and influencers, LinkedIn and Twitter will be suitable options. If your niche lies in serving the younger demographics, choose Instagram and TikTok for your business marketing.

7. Time Your Social Presence Perfectly

Maintaining and managing the time of your posts on the different social media marketing channels is very important. It is not just crucial for you to keep posting fresh content regularly, but you must also operate by the clock.

Maximize your schedule and time on social media platforms by posting content at the best times. Nevertheless, it is critical to gain user engagement after posting. So, you must ensure being there for the users to take care of their concerns or answer questions they might have about your product.

8. Use Infographics to Generate Buzz

These days, people love infographics because they explain information clearly. When creating infographics, the rule of thumb includes the name of your company and its URL. This way, you attribute your work to your business as it keeps moving throughout the social space.

9. Use Influencer Marketing

 Influencer marketing has become very popular. In 2016, this market was at $1.7 billion, while in 2021, it reached $13.8 billion, which might reach $16.8 billion this year. Even the leading brands like KitchenAid, Rolex, and Nike depend on influencer marketing to reach their social media audience.

So, instead of depending on traditional advertisements, use the power of popular influencers and get their fans and followers to use your product.


Hopefully, your digital marketing plan is sorted out now. There are several moving pieces that you can join to create that perfect modern social media marketing plan. Putting together those moving pieces will not be a problem if you carefully set actionable objectives and address all the crucial steps above.

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