Top 5 Paraphrasing Tools

Imagine you have to complete an assignment. You complete your research and start writing. You give your best and complete a blog. But before sending it, you have come to know that there come some plagiarism issues.

What will be your reaction then? Of course, you will be disappointed after seeing this. Fixing this issue manually is not a piece of cake. Searching for the synonyms and then fixing the problem will take a lot of your time.

There are also chances that you may destroy the original message of the blog in the struggle to make it unique. In this situation, a good paraphrasing tool can help you a lot to get unique and SEO-friendly content.

In this article, we have generated a list of the top 5 paraphrasing tools to create SEO-friendly content. Before we jump into the list, let’s learn what is paraphrasing tool and how is it helpful to make content SEO-friendly.

What is a paraphrasing tool?

A paraphrasing tool helps you to remove plagiarism issues from the content and make it unique. This tool uses the synonyms of the words to make content plagiarism-free without changing the actual meanings of the sentence.

This tool works on the basis of AI and element many other issues that a human may ignore. 

How paraphrasing tools can help to make content SEO-friendly?

A paraphrasing tool can help you a lot to get SEO-friendly articles in a short time.

The main and the most important thing about the content is it must be plagiarism-free. Paraphrasing tools are mostly used to remove plagiarism in the content automatically.

Sometimes, as a writer, we write some words which look stylish but are difficult to read and understand. This makes our content a little bit irrelevant and boring. The reader does not understand it properly and leaves our page without reading the complete article.

The paraphrasing tool replaces the difficult words with synonyms and makes the content reader-friendly and easy to understand. 

Keyword stuffing is also a common issue writers face in their daily work. By using the keyword, again and again, the content looks ugly and unpleasant. 

The paraphrasing tool also solves these issues as it uses synonyms of the words which are being used excessively.

Top 5 paraphrasing tools to create SEO friendly content

You can find hundreds of paraphrasing tools online with a single click. But are these all have the same benefit is a real question. 

We have generated this list of top 5 paraphrasing tools that can help you to create SEO-friendly content easily. This list will help you a lot and save your precious time. is one of the best and easy-to-use article rewriting tools available on the internet. This AI-based tool is developed with state-of-the-art technology by a team of high professionals.

By using this tool, you can rewrite essays, remove plagiarism, and reword articles with only one click. The tool does not ruin the actual massage and meaning of the content at all but only changes the structure of the sentence.

The final results you will get after using this tool will be readable, easy to understand, and plagiarism-free.

This tool can be used online anywhere on any device including Android and iOS. You can rephrase the content in languages other than English such as French, Spanish, Indonesian, and German as well.



The paraphrasing tool by is also one of the best and reliable tools. This tool includes the world’s most easy-to-use paraphrasing tools, no doubt. 

You just need to paste content in the dedicated box and click on the “paraphrase” button. After that, wait for some seconds and let the tool do its work. You will get the final results in a matter of seconds.

You do not have to buy a premium package to use this handy tool as this tool is free to use. There is no word count limit as well. You can rephrase a blog without the words limit at once.

You can copy the rephrased content easily by clicking on the “copy” button. This tool is very fast in working and reliable too. Your content will be safe and secured with this tool.

The paraphrasing tool by deeply checks the content and gives you the result which does not have any plagiarism issue at all. has also developed a very simple paraphrasing tool that is very easy to use. This tool removes plagiarism in minutes and gives you SEO-friendly content.

By using this tool, you will get the content with no grammar mistakes as well.

To do paraphrasing, you have to paste content in the given box first. Then you can check whether your content is plagiarized or not by using its plagiarism checker tool.

If you found any plagiarism issues, go to the paraphrasing option of the tool. When you get the final results, you can check the grammar issues as well. Recheck to make sure there are no more plagiarism issues left.

It may take some time as you have to follow the step-by-step method. But the results given by this tool are always reliable and authentic.



This is also a good choice to pick for essay rewriting and paraphrasing. This tool uses synonyms of the words and changes the structure of the sentences to get plagiarism-free content.

You can only rephrase the content of a maximum of 13000 characters at a time. This is the only hurdle if you want to rephrase a long blog.


  • is also one of the easiest paraphrasing tools. You can use this tool easily without learning anything. 

You just need to paste the text in the given box and fill a Re-Captcha. After that, click on the “Go paraphrase” button and wait for a minute.

The tool will deeply check your content and make changes where needed. This tool is also free to use and you do not even need to register yourself.


Paraphrasing tools can help you to get SEO-friendly content as these tools remove the issues of plagiarism, keyword stuffing, and readability.

It is very hard to find a tool that can paraphrase content without changing its meaning and is also reliable. This list of top 5 paraphrasing tools can help you a lot in picking the best paraphrasing tool for you to get SEO-optimized content in minutes.

Also, after you have used the paraphrase tool, it would be a good idea to check your text for readability, as this tool could complicate your text and make it less clear. For this purpose, you can use the readability checker tool: just paste your text into the appropriate field, wait a few seconds and correct the errors as recommended by the system


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