Role of AI in Travel and Hospitality Industry

In recent times, technology has been embedded into every sector. Similarly, there have been technological advancements in the travel industry. There are no certain limitations to the traveling department after the introduction of technology.

People have various facilities while they travel from one place to another. Technologies such as mobile apps, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, chatbots, and website development are trending. Travel app development is growing as a major trend in the 21st century.

People are booking flights, bus tickets, and train tickets through these apps. It becomes really easy for them to book and then pay for it.

One has to select the time, date, and place they want to travel to in the app and confirm it. The payment option is also easy through online transactions.

What do you mean by Artificial Intelligence?

AI or Artificial Intelligence connects the real world with technology. Due to AI in computer science, field machines could think and act like humans. They are given the freedom to have human intelligence. It makes the work easy for humans.

It helps in decision-making and problem-solving. It includes other advancements like machine learning, expert systems, and deep learning. It also helps in the management and organization of things properly.

AI in Travel and AI in Hospitality Industry

AI Assistants at travel companies

For booking the tickets or reservation one usually needs to go to the travel agency or railway station in case of train booking. But AI has made it possible for people to just book tickets while sitting at home and chatting with the concerning robots.

You just need to open a particular website. Usually, in the right corner, you will find a pop-up message. This pop-up message not only clears your doubts regarding the booking but also facilitates ticket booking while chatting.

You just need to message them that you have to book tickets. Moreover, answer them about the time, destination, and dates on which you are willing to travel. Pay the money through online transactions. And you are done with the booking. No need to open the website.

The confirmation message will automatically reach through normal messages or through the email provided. It is really difficult for some people to book tickets online as they are new to it or they might get confused during the procedure. Such assistants in the form of chatbots ease the work with confirmation.

Recommendations of platforms

As the number of travelers is increasing worldwide, there is a rapid increase in the wide variety of services provided. The travel agencies, restaurants and hotels are improving themselves in order to get maximum customers. AI has a big role in it.

One of the most major services AI provides is recommending platforms to customers. With minimum searches on the web, the user can filter the platforms for them. AI helps them by providing them with the most suitable platform according to the searches.

Traveling requires a lot of pre-bookings and management of time and dates. This can be done wisely with the recommendation technique. AI gives the selected and precise options while recommending to a customer.

AI-powered apps

AI-based software development has grown immensely in recent times. Applications like Trivago, MakemyTrip help travelers to book flights, bus, and train tickets and the hotels or guest houses. It compares on several filters like nearby market, affordable pricing, and the interiors.

These filters help the customer to choose better.  The travel companies can hire Ionic developers to ensure the proper design and function of the app. Apps that also have a package in which services are provided at a cheaper rate and altogether. One does not need to book the accommodations separately.

These apps provide you online payment option. They can easily make one-time online payments. This is a safe and secure transaction system.

Revenue management

With the arrival of technology in the travel sector, managing revenues is not a tough job. Beforehand it was really difficult for the revenue managers to manage the revenue and decide the best package for the traveler.

The package recommended should be according to the will of the traveler and also should not be a loss to the company. Due to advanced technology, managers can rely on machines a lot. They manage and organize revenue according to the preference entered by the traveler and confirm their booking by showing them the most suitable deal.

Likewise in the hospitality industry, AI offers the best package to different kinds of customers. Such as there are special offers for a family trip and other offers for a duo and solo guests.

The machine collects data, stores it, and then automatically runs various programs giving the best results.

Data Management

In the travel as well as the hospitality industry, there are large records that need to be stored. Information of travelers, their bookings, records of the hotel they chose, registration numbers, etc. Doing all this manually is a tough job. It needs a proper storage system.

But with the arrival of technology, the collection and storage of information have become easy. The computer can easily store the data of the customers. For more security, one can have private folders that do not leak the customer’s information.

Smart Baggage Handling System

Baggage handling is required at railway stations and airports. Every year there are cases of lost luggage which needs to be resolved. Some of the airports already have this facility to manage the luggage of travelers. AI systems have enabled proper management systems.

Personalized travel plans

Most people prefer to plan beforehand when they decide to travel. On-spot deciding creates confusion and is difficult to manage. If it is a family trip, then pre-planning is majorly required.

Booking tickets for hotels, deciding the place to stay, tickets for the return journey, etc. are the main elements of pre-planning while traveling.

AI enables people to plan beforehand the whole schedule and pre-book the tickets. It guides you about the safest and most suitable place to book a hotel.

Also, it shows the affordable prices of the hotels. In this way, AI helps travelers to enjoy their trip giving them personalized plans.

Robot providing customer services

With the arrival of robots in the technological industry ways of working have been changed. People can work with ease while the robot assists the customers and answer their queries. The travel industry has also benefitted from such robots.

Some of the airports have assistant robots which guide people about the way to their flights. Someone visiting the airport for the first time is not able to understand the correct way to the flight and can even miss the flight.

To eradicate this problem, robots are instructed to show them the correct way and clear their doubts regarding the flight system.

Wrapping up

Since the covid-19 pandemic, online services are a great advantage to people. They can easily use these services and make arrangements while being at home. One such online service is booking tickets and accommodations for travelers.

Ai in the travel and hospitality sector had influenced the travel agencies largely. Travelers tend to pre-book the accommodations. AI provides them with chatbots, applications having various facilities, robots, manages revenue and data for the companies.

Also, it recommends them suitable packages at affordable prices. Services such as personalized travel plans and smart luggage handling systems are majorly provided by the technology.

Technology has affected the travel industry in many ways. It plays a major role in shaping the future of enthusiast travelers.

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