Why Use Node.js for Building Your eCommerce Web Application?

An eCommerce business can’t happen without its eCommerce app. Do you
want your own eCommerce app, but are confused about which technology to
choose to develop your app? We have a solution for your answer here in this
article! According to the majority of experienced web app developers,
Node.js can be the perfect technology for developing eCommerce web apps.

In this article, we have six major reasons why we use Node.js for developing
eCommerce web apps. We will discuss each reason in detail and then you
can easily decide whether you want to move forward with Node.js as an
eCommerce app development technology, or you want to explore more

technologies. You can easily hire developers from eCommerce development
companies for your project development.

So, let’s dive into the article together!

What Is Node.Js?

Node.js is a JS runtime environment built to develop scalable server-side

apps. It is an open-source & cross-platform framework released in 2009.
This framework lets developers build command line tools by using
JavaScript. You can also use JS for running server-side scripts for making
the web page content dynamic before sending the page to the end-user’s

Node.js offers a special event-driven architecture & non-blocking
Input/Output API that optimizes scalability in web applications with various

input/output operations. It is used for traditional websites/web apps & back-
end API services, but can also be used for command-line applications.
Node.js Package Manager (NPM) is the biggest ecosystem of open-source
libraries around the world.

6 Reasons Why Choose Node.Js For Ecommerce
Web App Development

Here are six different reasons why I use Node.js for eCommerce
development. These are the fundamental advantages of using Node.js not
only for eCommerce apps but also for developing other web apps. Let’s
understand each reason in detail and review them keenly.

Node.js Package Manager (NPM)

NPM- Node Package Manager is a registry and library for JavaScript Node.js
packages. It also consists of command-line tools to help developers install
various packages & manage dependencies. There are over 11 million node.js
developers around the world who rely on NPM.

NPM provides different packages and plugins that easily function with web
apps and mobile apps. Developers don’t have to develop different functions
from scratch as they can use existing packages from NPM easily. As NPM is
an open source solution, and it has 800+ packages available, developers can
quickly search for suitable eCommerce features in it.
It’s A Cross-Platform App Development Framework
Node.js is a framework that is compatible with cross-platform development.
It can be used to develop apps for any platform and can provide you with
imaginative output. On another point, there is also no need for node.js
developers to spend more time learning different programming languages as
the same language is used for back-end and front-end development both.
Highly Scalable
The features like non-blocking I/O and event-driven programming language
infuse the feature of scalability into your application. Ultimately the online
eCommerce application was developed using Node.js.

One more feature of Node.js that helps to compete with other frameworks is
its scalability. It is because the JS environment manages scalability & adapts
it to your business needs. Through this, the substantial growth of the

eCommerce app increases. Scalability might be one of the main reasons why
PayPal and Walmart use Node.js.
Big Community
Node.js has a huge user and support community. Node.js being an open-
source platform, developers prefer to work with this technology. It makes
project development faster. Also, due to the huge user community,
developers can easily get the best solutions for their queries regarding the
development process.
Fast Development Process
As many of us already know that Node.js is compatible with developing
cross-platform apps. That’s the main reason that the app development
process can take less time. Node.js saves developers time and allows them
to develop apps in a quick manner. Moreover, there are other benefits like
open-source libraries, easy to learn and use, that make web app
development easy. Also, developers can use already available features
without rewriting the code; and ultimately save time.
Good Performance
Node.js guarantees optimum performance of your eCommerce application
when compared to different technologies. The main matter is the coding of
Node.js is interpreted using the V8 JS Chrome engine that translates JS code
to another powerful machine code smoothly.

If you still have confusion about choosing Node.js for your eCommerce app
development, then you can easily read the other benefits of using Node.js.

Many top eCommerce frameworks like Uber, eBay, Groupon, PayPal, etc.,
use Node.js and also have a million users.

Using Node.js suitably can make your business project sound and future-
proof. However, understanding your project requirements and then moving
forward with a specific technology is the most basic concern.

Trending Features To Use In Your Ecommerce
Web App

Here’s a list of trending interactives that can be used in your upcoming
eCommerce project to make it more user-friendly and lively:
Push Notifications
Push notifications are used mainly to maintain communication with the end
user. This allows the customer/user to read and learn information regarding

their order, delivery status, discounts, offers, etc. It’s a modern way to keep
the customer updated with the latest updates in your app.
One-Click Payment
For easy and safe payments, using one-click payment methods can be
beneficial for your application. It helps users to easily purchase what they
want from your eCommerce store.
Ai Chatbots
AI Chatbots are a modern technology that helps you maintain a conversation
with your end-user, and customer and also leads to a good response rate
along with good customer satisfaction.

There are various interactive specifications that one can add to their
eCommerce app as per their business requirements.

Note: Developers can also pick other technologies along with Node.js to
make the app more reliable, secure, and stable.

Concluding Words
Many more benefits of Node.js will make this technology a better alternative
to use while developing different eCommerce platforms. However, if you
have other technologies in mind, you can always contact your eCommerce
development service provider and ask for their suggestions. They can help
you with easy and stable development.

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