Utilizing AI Tools for Your Marketing Strategy

Since it was first introduced, the application of artificial intelligence has already been quite broad. With new innovations on the way, its applications keep growing bigger and bigger. In this case, in marketing, early adopters have already used this innovative tool in their marketing strategy and in a couple more ways.

In this article, we are going to talk about the ways you can use AI for your marketing strategy. This is especially helpful if you are a late adopter or are still on the fence about using it.

What is a marketing strategy?

Think of it this way: Your marketing strategy is your master plan that details how you will achieve your business goals—it is the plan before the plan.

Here, you establish your goals, your objectives, and your approach to actually achieve them. More importantly, it answers the question of “what” and “why” you are putting effort into marketing your business.

What is AI?

As the name already suggests, artificial intelligence simulates our human intelligence by using machines and computer systems.

To date, it is capable of natural language processing (NLP), speech recognition, and machine vision. Because of its capabilities and its increasing popularity, we have seen its application further expound in recent months.

With that said, AI provides you with a lot of benefits, not only for your marketing but, ultimately, for your business:

  • Given its capabilities, AI can improve your business’s operational efficiency since it is able to carry out certain things like routine tasks.
  • Depending on the data that you provide, AI can accurately provide more insight that will help in making better decisions.
  • Another application of AI is that it can answer the most commonly asked questions. Because of NLP, it has a more organic response, which makes it more likely for people to reach out and ask their queries.
  • AI can augment your customer service staff which provides your customers with 24-hour support and faster response time.
  • It can save on operational costs since it can augment some of your staff’s capabilities and minimize the need to hire more people.

What is AI marketing?

This refers to using AI to help marketers automate or improve certain aspects of their marketing efforts such as:

  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Pick up on audience and marketing trends
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Provide better marketing insights
  • Automate decision making
  • Ease media buying
  • Personalize marketing content in real-time

In addition to what is already listed above, AI is also capable of generating human-like content. However, we encourage you to stick with human-generated content instead to avoid possible complications down the road. You can explore other ways to use AI tools while creating content.

With that said, here are a couple of AI tools that are quite popular for marketing:

  1. Chat GPT
  2. Jasper.ai
  3. Rapidely
  4. Flick
  5. Beacons AI
  6. GrowthBar
  7. Phrasee
  8. Smartwriter.ai
  9. Optimove
  10. Acrolinx
  11. Trellis Corporation
  12. Brandwatch Consumer Intelligence
  13. InstaText
  14. Grammarly
  15. Seventh Sense
  16. MarketMuse

Pros and Cons of Using AI Tools in Your Marketing Strategy

There is no denying that using AI tools in your marketing strategy can ease a lot of things. However, there are a couple of things you to consider before you fully jump in and use them.


Increase ROI

You can leverage AI-powered tools for data analytics and better insight. The information that you get from these tools can be used to produce better marketing assets, improve your marketing strategy, and fine-tune your upcoming campaigns. In addition, these tools can make it easier to track your progress and increase your return on investment (ROI).

Improve Customer Relationships

AI enables you to provide your customers with a personalized experience. This can help further strengthen your relationship with them, improve customer loyalty, and provide you with more opportunities to upsell your products and services. Not only that, you can use these smart tools to identify customers and pinpoint which one of them you need to reengage with.

Improve Marketing Strategy

Because AI is capable of going through large amounts of data and analyzing them, you can get accurate predictions of upcoming trends. This will help you improve your marketing strategy and, potentially, give you an edge over your competitors.


Content Quality

As mentioned earlier, we encouraged you to stick with human-generated contact. The reason is that without human supervision AI-generated content may not be accurate, timely, and relevant to your audience. In addition, AI-generated content may affect your website’s ranking which will affect your visibility to your target audience.


More importantly, AI tools that are available on the market are provided by third-party providers. While the services are great, this may open you up to potential data breaches and other security concerns.

Non-Quantifiable KPIs

AI tools can measure certain metrics. However, factors like customer experience, brand awareness, and company reputation will be much harder to track since these are not quantifiable.

How do you use AI tools in your marketing strategy? -6

With that said, here are a couple of ways you can use AI tools in your marketing strategy. It is important to note that the methods used here are one of the most common applications only, which means you are free to explore other ways of using AI that are tailor-fit for your business.

Content Marketing

Content is the meat of all your marketing materials.  With the help of AI, like insights into your audience’s interests and pain points, you can personalize your message and directly talk to them. In addition, these tools can also save a lot of time, such as in research and analytics.

Product Marketing

AI tools are also able to track customer behavior. This means you can pinpoint opportunities where you can provide recommendations to your potential customers or even upsell your offerings to your existing customer base.

Email Marketing

AI helps you analyse the performance of your past emails and the behavior of the people who are subscribed to your mailing list. This can help you identify the types of email that they are more interested in. In addition, it can also save you time and effort since it can automatically send out emails and flag those that are not working.


Last, but certainly not least, you can use AI to conveniently buy media ads.

Media buying is like picking the best spot to place your poster for your target audience to see it. However, the struggle is that other companies are also vying for the same spot.

With AI, you do not need to do any guesswork to figure out the best spot in the city. You can pinpoint the best place and time to effectively reach your target audience.


With that said, using AI tools in your marketing strategy can provide you with plenty of benefits and even improve your efficiency to achieve your goals.  even with its limitations, you are still able to explore new ways to maximize your investment and its usage.  In addition, with upcoming innovations later down the road, we can expect a more diverse application for marketing in the next couple of years.

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