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The usage of smartphones is growing day in and day out. According to Statista, it has been revealed that in the year 2020, around 218 billion mobile apps have been downloaded and the numbers are still growing every now and then. So are you planning to develop a mobile application for your business? Well, that’s a pretty smart move, I must say! And here comes the major concern from where to begin?

Well, for starters you can think of choosing the best mobile application development platform. Once you have made the right choice 90% of your project has been accomplished successfully. Now here comes the big question, how? How to choose the right mobile app development platform? Fret not, the following post can assist a lot in making the right choice but before that let us go through some basics of conducting a mobile app development project.   


The concept of mobile application development is no longer a new concept or a passing fad. In fact, in a very short span of time, it seems to have become a successful seismic shift across the globe. Now, a mobile application development platform comprises a wide range of tools, services, and technologies. With the help of these tools and technologies, anyone featuring basic programming skills can develop and deploy a mobile application within a very short span of time. 

Though anyone with basic technical expertise can develop a mobile app, however, one must consider several aspects to develop a successful application. 

  • Codeless or low-code mobile app development platform
  • Micro mobile app platform patterns
  • Monitoring and Analysis
  • Core-backend services
  • AI 
  • DevOps
  • Pure Compatibility with different devices
  • Scalability
  • Security 

Why is there a need for using an app development platform in the first place? 

#1 Reduce time to market

One of the obvious advantages to take into account is reduced time to market. Since every app development platform comprises server-side development support, pre-built toolkits and integration with third-party applications, the overall speed of conducting an app development project increases i.e. developing, testing, and launching everything works in the fifth gear.   

Not just the overall time to market is reduced but tracing the product becomes easier and easier. And not to mention, how happy your investors would be to know their product is being launched in the shortest span of time. 

#2 Infrastructure management

Another major concern in any app development project is managing the overall infrastructure. Well, when you tend to opt for the right mobile app platform managing the infrastructure is no longer a concern. Several renowned models such as BaaS, PaaS, IaaS and SaaS ensure companies to develop as well as deploy applications even without the need of establishing any physical centre. For example, the AWS cloud comprises 84 zones located in 26 regions across the globe. AWS has come up with a ground station for providing immense satellite support. 

Further, I would like to mention some of the best mobile app development platforms to take into account. 

Top Mobile App Development Platforms to Consider

#1 Alpha Anywhere

One of the leading mobile app development platforms to take into account is Alpha Anywhere. This one turns out to be highly recommended especially when it comes to finding a front-end and back-end development platform. Alpha Anywhere is also known as a low-code application development platform. So whether you are in the process of mobile app development at a higher pace or deploy mobile applications on both iOS and Android platforms, then this is it! Alpha Anywhere is the best name to take into consideration. What makes Alpha Anywhere a cut above?

  • It is easy to connect with all SQL and no-SQL databases
  • Enterprise-class data protection
  • Fully administrative control
  • Well-integrated analytics
  • Drag and drop easily 
  • Developing cross-platform apps seamlessly

#2 Microsoft Xamarin

Another renowned mobile app development platform to take into account is Xamarin. Many app developers vouch for Xamarin not just because it turns out to be easy to use but because it is simply great for every Android, iOS and Windows-based device. So even if you have a C# code base, you can come up with a successful-looking native app for a wide range of platforms. Not to mention, all these features have the potential to make huge profits and lower development costs and time to market. 

#3 Back4App

Another reliable mobile app development platform to take into account is Back4app. This works at its best under the Mobile backend as a service. To develop modern web and mobile applications, Back4app turns out to be quite an excellent choice. And you know what is the best part, all this can be accomplished within a limited time and budget. 

Some of the best clients who vouch for Back4app include VantageBP, Fresh Projects and Two4Tea. So what makes Back4app highly recommendable?

  • Cross-platform SDKs – Gone are the days when developers were compelled to use one platform-centric software development kit. Also, these are pretty time-consuming. Fortunately, with the inception of Back4app, cross-platform SDKs developers can seamlessly build, test and launch mobile applications for a wide range of devices iOS as well as Android.  
  • Realtime Data – Whether you are willing to fetch relevant data or require specific information to solve different queries, Back4app covers it all! 
  • Files&Notifications – Developers more or less can connect a different range of files with a database with the help of Back4app. More or less, here security is not at all compromised.   

On and all, Back4app turns out to be one of the most scalable mobile app development platforms available. In addition to this, it’s more kind of an open-source platform that is highly famous among the coding community.  

#4 Appcelerator

Another interesting mobile app development platform to take into account is Appcelerator. Appcelerator is one of the leading Titanium SDK development frameworks that works wonders when it comes to adapting the strong and high-performance mobile app model.  Appcelerator is highly recommendable for those who own enterprises. 

Here plenty of cloud storage is delivered. And in addition to this, seamless integration with third parties ensures that the app developed can be deployed in multiple regions. 

#5 AWS Amplify

Another interesting mobile app development platform is AWS Amplify. Now Amazon Web Services is pretty much popular across the globe, there is no denying the fact. However, what you may not know is developing, creating, deploying and managing mobile applications with AWS Amplify is a great thing to do. This is quite a renowned full-stack platform that ensures the rapid development of server-side and front-end applications. Amazon Music, Credit Genie and Orangetheory Fitness are some of its known clients. 

Some of the core features of AWS Amplify include: 

  • Amplify Studio
  • Amplify Hosting
  • UI components
  • API support

On and all, developing mobile applications using AWS Amplify is pretty easy, seamless and worth considering. And all this can be done without spending an arm or a leg. Here you only have to pay for useful resources. Some of its core features include the Free to start feature, authentication and analytical functions. 

Final Words

And we are almost done here! I hope you did find the aforementioned mobile application development platforms worth considering. Of course, this is not it, there are several others such as Ionic, Bizness apps, Zoho Creator, buildfire, and React Native, but these are the best ones to consider for your mobile app development project in 2023.

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