Top 5 Skills for Aspiring Freelancers

Becoming a freelancer is a dream for many who work the typical 9-to-5 hours. In fact, there were approximately 67.6 million freelancers in the United States in 2021. This figure is projected to grow to 86.5 million by 2027, which means that freelance workers will make up just over half of the total U.S workforce. So, whether you are interested in freelancing full-time or as a side hustle, you will be joining a rapidly growing employment segment in the states. Here are a few top skills to help boost your freelance career.


If you have a high proficiency in a language other than your native tongue, becoming a translator is a realistic freelance gig for you. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, translators have an average annual earning potential of $52,330. In addition to a favorable income, employment is projected to grow 24 percent from 2020 to 2030, which is a much faster rate than the national average for other jobs. Around 10,400 openings are projected per year, which gives freelance translators lots of work opportunities within the next decade. You can find an array of translation gigs via freelance marketplaces, such as Freelancer and Upwork, and experienced translators can negotiate their rates for individual projects.


People who enjoy being behind the wheel may enjoy freelance driving jobs, such as becoming a rideshare driver or providing a courier delivery service. Drivers do not need a specific educational background, but they do require a valid driving license for the type of vehicle they need to use for work. In addition, drivers usually need good interpersonal skills as liaising with third parties and providing good customer service is often part of the job. Furthermore, courier delivery drivers should also expect to do some heavy lifting. One of the great things about being a driver is that there are a plethora of jobs on the job market. The best jobs for delivery driver needs can be found on load boards and other relevant online marketplaces that host delivery driver jobs.

Niche Writing

Excellent grammar, spelling, and punctuation skills are important for freelance writers, and a quick online search will reveal there are plenty of writing gigs out there. However, with harsh competition, aspiring writers need to find ways to stand out in a saturated market. Finding your niche and acquiring knowledge in a specialism can help you find more work. In addition, niche writing can help boost your credibility as a writer.

Digital Marketing

LinkedIn lists digital marketing as an in-demand opportunity for working professionals, and if you have a knack for content creation, social media, and strategy building, becoming a digital marketer could be your ideal job. Digital marketers have a range of skills that vary from the above-mentioned to SEO, building websites, and running campaigns that get companies noticed.


Consultants are experts in their field, excellent problem solvers, and are proficient at providing advice and solutions that address specific needs. If you possess specialist knowledge and have vast experience in a specific field, you can forgo your 9-to-5 and set up shop independently instead. Consulting allows you to capitalize on your existing skillset outside of the traditional, routine work setting.

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