Top 5 Features of Scribd that Makes it Stand Out

Scribd is a service that has been in the market since 2007. What started as a small dream and a platform for independent writers to publish their material has expanded into much more. It became a platform for anyone to share their ideas and present them to the World. In a world where knowledge is power, Scribd has become one of the best ways to build yourself up and expand your World through a simple application. Scribd has grown tremendously over the past years, transforming into the World’s first reading subscription as early as 2013. 

Over the years, it has expanded by not only partnering with more and more publishers such as Macmillan, Harvard Business Review, Harper Collins, and even Men’s Health. It also grew its database by adding audiobooks and podcasts and even accommodated print magazines in a digital format within its store of knowledge. Scribd has a lot that makes it unique, which lies in its numerous features that I will discuss below. 

This article ( will go through every aspect of the Scribd review.

The five features that make Scribd stand out to its customers are:-


Scribd offers a flat-out monthly subscription of Rs. 300 with a 30-day free trial period. Even in countries like the USA, it only costs 9.99$ a month. These rates are minimal and highly affordable for most people ranging from students to employed individuals. Scribd enjoys such a large number of subscribers because this feature alone makes it accessible to all people without much thought. Scribd is straightforward and perfectly safe, fully compliant with the DMCA and all the other necessary laws. It’s incredibly safe and respects your privacy and credit card information. Its ease of access with unsubscription from its services only adds more to its pros.

Vast library: 

Scribd offers its customers many options that will most certainly entertain its subscribers. It has books from over 1000 publishers ranging through many genres and categories; Scribd always has something to offer. It doesn’t stop at just books; it also offers up a selection of audiobooks, podcasts, magazines, and even sheet music for the niche crowd who are really into that. What you need help reading and understanding, Scribd also offers you an audiobook to listen to differently while working on another task simultaneously. Everything you listen to on here is high quality and is bound to keep you entertained.


Now you must think that Scribd seems like every other online application out there for ebooks; however, you would be wrong if you thought so. Scribd offers something that none of its competitors, like Kindle Unlimited or Audible, does, which lies in its vast library. Along with ebooks, it also gives you access to podcasts, audiobooks, magazines, and even sheet music, something truly unique that nobody offers yet. Unlike Audible, which only allows you to choose two audiobooks a month, you will never be at risk of selecting a bad book because you have unlimited access at your fingertips. With Scribd, you will always be energized and have something to entertain you.

Accessible User Interface:

Its user interface is a worthy addition to this feature list, making Scribd stand out. You can download the books offline, add bookmarks and change the playback speed. These are all pretty standard things now; however, what makes it stand out is its option to put the app to sleep in a desired amount of time, lets the audiobook play on for how long you choose from 5 minutes to 60, and even provides you with the option of playing till the end of the chapter so you always know where you stopped. Additionally, Scribd’s recommendations are more personal than any other application, available on its home page. Your suggestions range from books similar to the ones you’ve been reading currently, bestselling in your most-read genre, or even genre recommendations that might cater to your liking.


One of the best things about a Scribd subscription is that it provides a library of books and access to seven other perks. You get access to Pandora- Plus for ad-free music listening, TuneIn Premium for commercial-free news, MUBI and its collection of films, and other platforms such as PeakPro, Curiosity Stream, and more. Hence, in this way, Scribd offers you a complete and nourishing experience with one simple subscription. This is what makes it stand out to its audience.

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