Non-Profit Marketing Ideas

Non-profits are fantastic schemes when it comes to helping those who depend on support, whether that’s animals, children, or vulnerable adults. However, in order to help those who need it the most, there needs to be funding. Funding will always involve at least some marketing, because without knowledge of the cause, the public will be unable to donate.

Every non-profit needs some intelligent and engaging marketing ideas, to get their business off the ground and keep it out there. So, this piece is going to take a look at some great non-profit marketing ideas you can use, in order to make the most for your enterprise.

Engage in Social Media

Those in the marketing world, know that something going ‘viral’, can be a good thing, and not a reason to stay locked up at home! The best way to get so much engagement that your information spreads like wildfire, is to get social with it. Social media is designed to allow people to engage with others, and the public are more likely to purchase services and products from those who make a good impression. If you have not got your non-profit on free social media platforms by now, then that is your next step.

You don’t have to pay to use the basic features, such as sharing pictures, information, interacting with others, and sending messages. You have the option to buy ad space and use PPC, but if you are working with a low budget, as nonprofits often are, then stick to creating quality content first.

Is your Website in Tip-Top Condition?

Your website is most likely your first port of call when people are trying to find out what exactly it is you do. You should aim for your information to be clear, concise, and presentable, in a way that is eye-catching and engaging. Make sure it does not lag, or cause any other issues that can be frustrating to the user, and be sure to make it compatible with mobiles too, as many people  use their phones instead of laptops to browse.

Focus On SMS Marketing

If you are looking at taking on any sort of paid-for marketing, and you have the funds to do so, then SMS marketing is the most cost effective, as well as being the most productive. You can reach millions of people via text as long as they have a signal, which is far less limiting than timing when someone is on social media, waiting for someone to answer their phone, or hoping they will open and respond to their emails ( that’s if your message has not gone into the junk box!)

An sms fundraising campaign, can offer an impressive return on investment, unlike other alternatives, while allowing you to get your subject matter, straight to the source.

When using marketing strategies to reach your target audience, always keep your goals in mind and remember what your objective is. Inspiring people with your story and encouraging them to donate or volunteer, will always be worthwhile.

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