MilesWeb Review: One Of The Top Dedicated Hosting Platform

I am sure you have come a long way, managing the business of your dreams. Starting small and becoming big is where most work is done. And now is the time that you switch to dedicated hosting.

I am well aware of the fact, too. That’s why you landed on this page. Two of the reasons could be a lack of knowledge about MilesWeb and whether dedicated hosting is the right choice or not?

No worries! Throughout this article, I will make sure you understand all that you are looking for. My review will cover everything you need to know about MilesWeb Dedicated Hosting Service.

What Is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting refers to committing/dedicating an entire server to your website.

As the entire server is in your hand, the output is obviously the best. All the resources of dedicated hosting are dedicated to your website. Especially, if you are into heavy websites, a dedicated server does a great job.

You can host multiple websites, and it will still be fine. Additionally, it ensures the reliability and security that other hosting services may not commit 100%.

MilesWeb has an uptime of 99.99%. The company offers dedicated hosting at a comparatively lower price than the industry’s big names.

While most hosting providers quote high price plans, MilesWeb makes it affordable for the customer.

The plus point being, you can opt-in for a refund owing to their30-days money back guarantee if they don’t meet your expectations.

When we purchased their dedicated hosting plan, we were not sure if they would provide us quality services. We just came across it on Google and thought to give it a try. Now, when we look back, it has been a great journey.

You must have noticed the loading speed of this website, thanks to the heavy-duty dedicated server acting as the hosting platform.

Here Are The Specifications That Makes It Worth Buying

Server Flexibility

MilesWeb lets you have the entire server to yourself. You become the sole owner and can have full power over it. You can host as many websites as you want to.

Not only that, but you also get the control to customize, configure and install any web application that is needed. The cheap dedicated server permits you to use the server across the globe, using the internet.

Root Access

With a Linux dedicated server, you get root access, which allows you to have full control over your server. Plus, it permits you to install core web applications.

Ensures Reliability

MilesWeb ensures reliability with the dedicated server. It gives better uptime and security as there is no shared user.

0 Limitations

As I said that you can host as many websites as you want. You can also move your websites from cheap reseller hosting, shared hosting and VPS to MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting.

Control panel

MilesWeb offers the best control panels to help you manage the dedicated server with ease.

Dedicated Server Pricing & Features

●       Plans Range From Rs. (8,740) 6,999/m to 47,000/m

●       Bandwidth Expandable up to 5 TB

●       1 Dedicated Server

●       Get Up to 256 GB Memory

●       Up to 40 Cores + HT

●       Multiple Operating Systems To Choose From

●       99.995 Uptime

●       Add On Managed Dedicated Server


MilesWeb provides around 16 different dedicated server plans, which range from Rs. 6,999/m to 47,000/m. You can check and choose the one suited.

What Is A Managed Dedicated Server?

All dedicated plans from MilesWeb are, by default, unmanaged. In case you wish to opt-in for a managed dedicated server, it is an add-on service.

A managed dedicated server is where you don’t have to put your hands into managing it. The support team assists you 24/7 and ensures hassle-free experience.

Key Points –

  1. Control panel configuration and installation
  2. Full human support
  3. Web application installations
  4. Security and Protection
  5. Free server set-up
  6. No limitations to ticket, email and chat support

The plans range from Rs. 2,175/m to Rs. 7,425/m. If that interests you, you can opt-in for the add-on managed service and be tension-free.

In case the plans listed on their website don’t complement your business, you can reach out to their sales team for a customized plan at an affordable cost.

MilesWeb is great at meeting the needs of business websites, so you can sit tension-free and let them help  boost your online enterprise around the world.

While Concluding

We had not expected MilesWeb to be as efficient as they were. I mentioned the same at the start too. We had just given it a try, but to our surprise, their services helped us in a lot of areas.

They offer low-cost dedicated servers with quality and even accept customization of servers if their available plans do not fit your needs.

Overall, they are 9.8/10. So, if you have a long-time business and are looking to switch hosting.Or want to have a better response time and no sharing of resources of your hosting, I would suggest you go for MilesWeb dedicated server.

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