How to Reduce Spam Score of Your Website Domain in 1 Month

In present time, Bloggers are worried for spam score, how to control the website’s spam score, how to check spam score of a website. But some bloggers acknowledge about spam. As it is associated with SEO. It is very crucial to aware about SEO. On-the-other-hand, bloggers will face vital damage to their websites in future.

We always need our websites will achieve well and for this we look for many sound metrics. Among the best measures, Moz is the highly respected supremacy in the world for online marketing.

By the Moz metrics, we measure DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority) and Spam Score of a website.

Percent of Linking Domains with a Spam Score of: (Spam Score Breakdown)

You can get spam score from Moz’s Link Explorer in a percentage basis. Percentage varies from 1 to 100. In 1 to 30% spam score, it is considered as low spam score. In 31 to 60%, it is considered as medium spam score and in 61% to 100% spam score, it is considered as high spam score.

How to Operate Spam Score?

The first thing for a site holder to minimize the spam score as much as you can.

The spam score of 50-60% is not a big factor of concern for spam score. But the spam score of 60% means that the site has some probable issues.

If a site has not been punished, the spam score is not important. But to look for spam score is for possible problems when they happen.

How to Operate Spam Score
How to Operate Spam Score


How to Inspect the Site’s Spam Score?

It is foremost to consider that always a high spam score does not mean the website is spammy. It raises up that the site has so many things similar with other websites.

If the site is not penalized, the site owner should not be overreacted and go for immediate changes. But the site owner should always keep eyes up to avoid spam signals to keep away from penalties.

Know 27 Important Factors of Moz Spam Score

Moz provided 27 factors for spam score. If these are not followed by site holders being regarded as spam. These are;

Know 27 Important Factors of Moz Spam Score
Know 27 Important Factors of Moz Spam Score


According to Moz algorithm, 27 factors are the main causes for spam score.

Low Faith on Moz And Moz Rank

Low faith on Moz happens in case of excess number of incoming links, low-quality links. But there are no reliable backlinks on the site. This is the main reason to enlarge spam score on the website.

Less Amount of Site Links

Some sites have very a smaller number of links. Spam score is high in these websites. So, try to avoid to create a smaller number of links for the website.

Few Links in Large Site

If a site is 3 to 4 years old and it has 600-700 articles. It’s called a big site. If this site is creating few backlinks, then the spam score will also increase in this site. Because Moz algorithm will check the status and see according to the website’s lifetime, the website is not linked with much websites. So, the website does not have good content on site.

Excessive Anchor Text Proportion

When creating the site holder should take care of anchor text. Branded links always damage the SEO ranking. So should not go for branded links. It affects the anchor text ratio. Due to the excess creation of such links, spam score increases.

Do-follow and No-follow Links Percentage

While creating backlinks should see for the proportion of do-follow and no-follow links. Create backlinks in order to the proportion of 50% do-follow and 50% no-follow links. If the ratio down, spam score increases.

Lots of External Links

While creating links, don’t go for to create excess external links. Create one link for one post. That external link should be authorized website. That’s spam score will be 0 or less than 4.

Lean Content

Google algorithm always check the poor content and give them penalties. Less content in a blog or website, google take it as spam. Such type of content is screamed as low-quality content. Spam rate is high in this type of website.

Heavy Page Anchor Text

The blog should not add much anchor text. It causes spam score for the website.

No Contact Information

Google does not like those sites which does not have contact information like email of owner, social media profile etc. The spam score is high in these sites.

Site Mark-Up is Unusually Small

Sites which have less text than HTML, higher JavaScript score, such site obtains more spam score.

Numerals Added in Domain Name

Blogs whose name contains only numbers or letters with numbers like 1234, blogs91 etc. are regarded as spam by Moz. These sites are not counted by Moz in the categories of reliable domains.

Spam of Subdomain

The website which is created on sub-domain like, their spam rate is high. Google marks such sub-domain as low-quality.

So, when you are creating the site, look for top-level domain.

Less Number of Internal Links

In every single post, strong link requires. Otherwise, it is considered as spam scored.

Length of Domain Name

Long type domain name is considered as spam. Site holder should choose the domain length in small size, which user can easily remember. The domain name is considered to be spammy, if it is near to 63 characters long. 63 characters is a length limitation of a domain name. According to Alexa, the average domain name length is 10 characters. Those are under the 50 websites owning 6 characters.

Navigation of External Links

Links should not be added in the stated part like menu, sidebar, footer part of the website.

Less Number of Pages

The sites with less pages are considered under spam. It is not necessary to create hundreds of pages but the page should be filled with valuable and meaningful content.

Domain Names with Hyphens

If multiple hyphens are used in a domain name, it is considered as spammy.

No Google Font API

If domain names don’t use special fonts like Google Font API, are considered as spammy sites.

Loosing DoubleClick

Websites without double-click ad tag is considered spammy sites. This is the Google’s way of management for online advertisement.

Without Social Signal as LinkedIn Link

Less LinkedIn page is considered to be spam.

SSL Certified

The site with HTTPs means it is SSL certified. It keeps site secure from server to browser. It keeps information as safe, secure in website.

Enormous Meta Keywords

  • Web pages which contain so many keywords are considered to be spammy site.
  • Meta keywords Which Are Longer and Short
  • Keywords with too long and too short is connected with spam.

Too Long Meta Description

The description should be in between 50-160 characters.

Rel-Canonical Tags

The sites which are using non-local REL-canonical tag is associated with spammy.

Facebook Pixel

Moz’s research stated that those sites have Facebook pixel never considered as spammy. Sites which have Facebook pixel, in Facebook pixel a code will be added to the website to calculate user actions and behaviour.

The Guide for Spam Score

Spam score is a measure initiated by Moz in 2015

It is a clear statement that spam score is not developed by Google’s algorithm. It is a measurement developed by Moz.

17 spam factors developed by Moz as “spam flags”. Now-a-days, 27 “spam flags” by Moz.

Spam score is the issue most of the bloggers don’t give attention. But spam score is the vital issue for the website. It is the surprise; everyday ten thousand websites are backlisting.

Relationship of Moz Spam Score with Number of Flags

Moz spam score is a collection of 17 types of “flags” signs. Each flag has a warning sign that a site is spammy or not.

Moz Spam Score Guide
Moz Spam Score Guide
  • This table highlights that low is green sign. It’s below 10%. It becomes 0 to 4 number of flags.
  • The spam score is moderate in yellow sign. It ranges from 10 to 50%. It becomes 4 to 8 in number of flags.
  • The spam score is high in red sign, when it becomes more than 50%. It ranges from 8 to 17 in number of flags.

So, to avoid this, must check the spam score of the website regularly. Spam score also the cause for SERP ranking. Google bot does not like to crawl the spam websites and which is infected with malware activities.

We will discuss here how to reduce spam score, how to target the hackers of website and malware activities and how to attain the satisfied SEO score.

Mostly, the spam score increases due to following reasons:

  1. Unrelated backlinks
  2. Create backlinks from spammy websites.
  3. Web dragging activities.
  4. Contents looting from other websites.
  5. Unwell links.
  6. Negative comments of visitors.
  7. Enormous bounce rates.
  8. Posting rough contents.


To control the spam score is not a rocket science for site holders. It can be easily removed.

  • Create backlinks from high authorized websites.
  • Create links from web 2.0 links which have to the point content.
  • Don’t create automated traffic to your site.
  • Preserve the CPC conditions.
  • Don’t publish abusive content.
  • Apply paid tools as Moz, Alexa, Spyfoo for checking the spam score routinely.

To get lot of backlinks is not the technique to succeed. More backlinks do not mean a good thing. Websites with spam backlinks create penalties by Google, loses the rankings, deindexed.

How to Save the Website from Malware Attacks

There are some types of malware web attacks which can create warning to your site. Those are:

  • Adware
  • Spyware
  • Worms
  • Nagware
  • Trojans and more

These viruses can harm your site. It seems that these websites banned without any threatening by Google or from any other search engines. So, the site holder should be careful about security checks which stops such malware activities completely.

To get lot of backlinks is not the technique to succeed. More backlinks do not mean a good thing. Websites with spam backlinks create penalties by Google, loses the rankings, deindexed.

Steps to Reduce “Spam Score” in 1 Month ?

When you are facing spam score in your site, the main cause behind this is the bad backlinks to the website. So, your first priority is to remove all bad backlinks from your site.

Collect All Backlinks – To collect your website’s all backlinks, you can use free or premium backlink tools. Tools are Moz, Ahrefs, Smallseotools etc. In free tools, you can check only limited links.

Find Linking Domain Spam Score – From Moz Explorer, detect the spam score of referring domain. In spam signals, if the ranges between 0 to 30%, no spam will be there. If it ranges between 40 to 60%, there will be moderate spam score. When it ranges from 60+%, spam score will be very high. But, if DA is 10 and and spam flag is 15. Remove these spam links.

How to Find Spam backlinks with Moz:

  • You put your mail id to register here. You will get activation link in your mail. You will active there.
  • After clicking on activation link, Moz tool bar will show up.
  • Click on FreeSeoTools in Moz bar.
  • Click on Link Explorer.
  • Then click on spam score there.
  • Then put your domain name in spam score.
  • Then click on ‘Search” button.
  • Then you will get the status of your site and spam score.
  • You will get all backlinks details also there.
  • You check all spam links one by one. You can check broken links are showing the domain as 404, 301.

So, if you will remove all these spam links manually, your spam score will reduce.

To remove all spam links, follow the steps:

  • Open your notepad.
  • Copy all spam links to notepad in “txt” format.
  • Save all these links in notepad as “Spam-links”. Then save it.
  • Then open Google Disavow Tools.
  • Use same mail id which you gave in Google Search Console.
  • Then upload the “.txt” file what you saved in notepad.
  • Then click on “done”
  • All spam files will be deleted.
Google Disavow Tools Spam Score Reduce
Google Disavow Tools

Do it repeatedly in every 15 or 20 days. After 15 or 20 days, in second trials. Check your domain spam score regularly with Moz Bar Tool.

In 15-20 Day follow below guidelines –

  • Try to avoid duplicate contents, less contents, less pages in your site.
  • Follow keyword density guidelines.
  • Ignore keyword stuffing.
  • Maintain Social Media accounts.

Spam Score Checker Tools Online


If this article help to reduce spam score of your website, share with your friends and community.

Or if you are still not able to reduce your spam score, email us at We will help you to reduce your website spam score in 1 month with 100% surety.



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