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Who is not familiar with Google? Every person you see around uses Google and is very well aware of its features and updates. It is a widely used search engine, and you cannot imagine your life without it.

Updates are a part of life. So, how can Google miss updates? Google to come up with new and exciting updates.

Although Google updates come frequently, the recent updates are worth considering.

Very recently, Google came up with new updates. All features are unique and impressive. In this article, you will know more and recent updates of Google.

The latest core updates of Google 2020.

Here is the list of the updates of Google in 2020. Check out each point and know more about Google updates of May 2020.

The second core update of 2020-

It was Google’s second core update of 2020. The first core update was launched in Jan 2020.

Has an inclination that a lifetime is prior thinking about how the world has changed among that point and now.

So, this viably addresses any inquiries regarding whether Google will stop center updates amid the COVID pandemic.

The appropriate response is: No.

The main aim and purpose of core updates-

Complete core updates are intended to deliver broadly recognizable impacts across indexed lists in all nations in all dialects.

Destinations will inevitably see drops or gains in search rankings when a center update turns out.

Changes in search rankings are commonly an impression of substance significance.

It means if the content has picked up significantly since the last update, it will be moved higher up in rankings. The inverse is additionally evident.

At that point, there’s recently distributed substance that didn’t exist at the hour of the last update. That all must be reconsidered against the already existing substance.
To lay it out plainly, rankings can move around a lot.

With this being the first and new update since the pandemic, the May 2020 Core Update can be incredibly unpredictable.

During this pandemic situation, COVID-19 the first core update

People witness the second core update that was launched in the second week of January 2020.

No plan for the updates was made earlier during the start of COVID-19. Later, when it was declared a pandemic, Google witnessed a significant shift in users’ search behavior.

Google said it never saw people searching for the same topic for such a long time. COVID-19 and its related topics were searched again and again. People searched local news, updates on testing, updates on corona, etc. during the pandemic.

The behavior of people changed during corona. It changed what people needed from Google’s search results, whether it’s finding information about the virus, remote services, or where to buy products online.

Many things that were not relevant before became relevant. Conversely, searches that witnessed high searches saw a downfall.

For example, searches related to travel, tourism, live entertainment, etc. Saw a downfall.

Does this bring any boon for SEO?

Services provided by SEO are valuable when an algorithm update occurs. The more volatile the Google update, the more valuable SEO services will be.

Soon, SEO will find itself in a position where the demand for their work will increase. Businesses will know the importance of SEO and start implementing it. Your business may be in the top in the search results after a successful SEO.

May 2020 core update- What to do?

There are certain things that you must know about a Google update. Google’s May updates regarding these updates remain the same as all other core updates.

Historically, Google always said that there is nothing to fix if you see a drop in rankings after a core update.

So, the site owners are advised to make the best content for their readers. It is essential to create creative content for a user’s specific query.

Primary May 2020 Google update observations

● Thin content provided by external factors is losing.
● Local Search Engine Result Page (SERP) in significant flux.
● Aggregators and directories are winning.
● Search Engine Result Page (SERP) may be in flux.


Anytime, search sites are impacted. Also, volatility in news site rankings tends to revolve around issues of accuracy.

For example,- If a news website loses rankings, it may not be because Google sees the website as less precise and credible, but Google sees other news websites as more accurate and credible.

To find why a website loses rankings, it’s less about what’s wrong with the website, and more about what’s right about the site that gained rankings. Figure out what is exactly wrong.

Google updates are meant for improvements and advancements. You must plan changes that improves the results.

Check out here and know more about the Google updates and implement methods and strategies that generate results.

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