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Top digital marketing trends in 2022 that you can’t ignore!

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It does not matter what your industry is, or what services you offer – digital marketing trends cannot be neglected. Not long ago, companies required little more than a website and a Facebook page, but now, the digital aspect is evolving so quickly that it’s tough to keep up.


By now, there aren’t too many strong industries that do not even have an online presence. In 2021 the present year, new technologies and tools will come to the fore, overpowering marketers to adapt to have their organizations at the top.

After all, Digital evolution is an unforgiving reality. If you don’t adapt, you’ll surely be left underdeveloped.

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This week several new important things are using which Google has been the center of attention, with many astonishing updates.

On the other side, we can see many old platforms updating video-based features.

This indicates how different platforms are coming up with new and amazing features and do not leave any chance to promote and level up their apps and products.

Lets directly jump into it and explore the top digital trends!

  1. Instagram expands its Tik-Tok like “Reels” features in more regions with added sharing options:

As you can notice and see here, the Reels video method allows you to develop 15-second, looping video clips, in which can be you can select your music, and spliced together from multiple clips. Your Reels can then be shared between several users and remixed by several other users, just like TikTok, while best Reels are also featured in Explore, enhancing discovery.

We haven’t heard anything about the possibility for the last six months, but this week.

Instagram will now allow users to share Reels to their main Instagram feed, in addition to Stories, while Reels will also have a devoted place on user profiles, and in the Explore tab (you can view Reels in Explore in the second screenshot over).

That could help increase the practice of Reels and make it a more attractive content option.

In a movement that will likely come to an as little shock, Instagram has quietly turned out a new experiment of its TikTok-like clone functionality ‘Reels’ to few users in India, following the ban of TikTok in the Indian industry.

With TikTok being banned in India due to increasing issues between the Indian and Chinese Governments, that leaves an opening opportunity for both Instagram and YouTube to take TikTok’s position in the market, and provide to the rising popularity of short-form video in the region.

TikTok, as of February his year, had almost 81 million users in India, the app’s largest market outside of China, while more new reports have recommended the app could have been up to nearly 200 million working Indian users at the point of it being banned.

And more than this, several Indian influencers have become reliant on TikTok for income.

A statement by Wired:

“1.2 million Indian creators [have] turned to TikTok to represent themselves, build a sprawling network of followers, and increase their bank accounts. […] On average, a category A influencer (with at least ten million followers) could charge up to Rs 3-4 Lakh ($4,000 to $5,300).”

These influential users, with big networks of followers, are now moved to either wait out the Indian TikTok ban – which could continue for months, if it’s ever raised – or switch to Instagram or YouTube to re-connect with their fans and resume their work.

  1. Google Facilitates direct messaging via maps and search:

Google will allow more businesses to promote direct messaging from consumers via maps and search listings, with a new expansion of its business communication tools.

As demonstrated by Google:

“Today we’re developing Business Messages in Maps and Search to maintain all kinds of businesses and to give them the strength to integrate Business Messages shortly with their customer service platforms. Business Messages gives brands a comprehensive messaging solution over Android devices, and through Maps on iOS.”

The messaging option gives an immediate and natural means for customers to see in touch direct from Google listings.

Google initially launched business messaging following in 2017, but thus far, it has been restricted to certain areas and business types. Now Google will provide all labels to add messaging through their Google My Business listing.

In extension to this, Google’s also adding bold replies and customizable welcome messages to increase the messaging experience.

“There’s also a steady transition from automatic replies to a consumer service agent, so that it’s not disruptive when the consumer messages a company.”

Through self-regulation tools, businesses can score immediate reply flows, which will allow searchers to get responses to critical questions, direct from the label, whenever they need it.

Implementation of such a method does demand new technical expertise, but Google also has a range of companions that businesses can operate with to implement its messaging answers.

Business Messages are currently accessible in English, though Google remarks that it will be possible in other languages quickly. Labels can sign up to obtain the Business Messages API and developer documentation here.

  1. Youtube tests tik-tok like “Shorts” option:

YouTube is testing a popular feature on its mobile apps that will provide users to create and upload short 15-second clips, related to TikTok. The feature is currently open to limited users, and a mass rollout can be demanded after the testing phase is finished. YouTube announced the advancement on its assistance website. In April, a statement had shown the arrival of this feature, continuing that the company may call it “YouTube Shorts.”

The Alphabet-owned video program in a post demonstrates that it will allow producers to record various clips directly in the YouTube mobile app and upload them as one video. If the video is less than the time duration of 15 seconds, it can be immediately uploaded on to the platform after recording. However, if the user needs to upload a clip longer than 15 seconds, it must be uploaded from the phone gallery, the firm attaches.

As discussed, this feature is currently restricted to only Android and iOS users. They can examine its availability by discovering the option ‘create a video’ in the mobile upload flow. It is not clear whether the feature includes video tools such as filters, effects, music, and so on, as noticed on the TikTok app. The Report firstly reported the function in April.

  1. New advertisers can now create ads on Instagram without linking to Facebook page:

This looks like a beautiful shift at Facebook.

As proclaimed by AdWeek, Instagram will now provide new advertisers in a few regions to generate Instagram ad campaigns without having to connect to a Facebook Page.

As Instagram claims:

“You can now build Instagram ads without having an appearance on Facebook. If you are supporting a post from your Instagram business account for the initial time, you would not have to connect to a Facebook ad account or Facebook Page.”

The critical requirement here signifying ‘for the first time’ – most fabulous Instagram advertisers have now combined their profile to Facebook Ad Manager, as has been required, and those businesses won’t currently have to option to separate their Instagram profile from their Facebook Page, and still have the place to operate ads.

To increase and grow and also promote your Instagram Post without the help of Facebook, businesses will require to:

  1. Go and visit your personal or professional profile
  2. Click the post you would like to promote
  3. Below the post’s image, there is the option of developing, tap ‘Promote.’
  4. Fill and complete the details of your promotion by setting things like ‘Destination,’ ‘Audience’, ‘Budget’, and ‘Duration’.
  5. Tap ‘Next’ after you’ve completed filling these details
  6. To complete your promotion totally, click ‘Create Promotion’ below ‘Review.’
  1. Business can now run add campaigns on tik tok using the “tik tok for business” option:

TikTok has launched a fresh new ‘TikTok for Business’ website, which gives marketers a variety of sources and devices to assist them in using the short-form video app for their ad campaigns.

As demonstrated by TikTok:

“With the launch of TikTok For Business, we set out to adopt the artistic, positive, and genuine times that make our area so special with answers for businesses to connect and develop with our beautifully expressive community.”

The platform covers tips, notes, and connections to different TikTok tools, like its artists Marketplace and its self-serve ad program (which is not yet open in entire regions).

The program also gives connections to a range of case studies to assist businesses to get how they can make the highest use of TikTok for their promotions.

The open sources are impressive, but at this stage, the platform does appear somewhat restricted, as TikTok hasn’t proclaimed any significant expansion of its ad tools, or availability up of its ad platform, despite the current site promoting the multiple ways in which TikTok can be utilized for marketing.

You are all updated with the top new things in digital marketing in 2020.

Keep going!

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