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We all know that online reviews are one of the influencing forces for any consumer to make their purchase decision. In fact, 9 out of 10 customers consider online reviews before purchasing. Reviews not only help consumers to make their decision but also help businesses to build their credibility in the market.

And therefore, you might have noticed that many businesses are now opting to embed Google reviews on website. Google reviews stand as the most relevant and trusted review platform, helping brands to build some reliability in the market.

There are ample tools that help you in this cause, and in this blog, we have listed some of the best tools currently available in the market. These tools stand as the best in the business and are known for providing desired results.

Tools That Enables To Embed Google Reviews on Website

With Google reviews on the website brands can flaunt their positive reviews and win the trust of their potential customers. So if you are looking to join this bandwagon and enjoy the benefits, here are tools you can use for this purpose.

1. Tagembed

Tagembed is a popular social media aggregator tool, and you might have heard about it. It is known for easing the embedding process, great features and providing great results. The tool helps users collect feeds from 20+ social media platforms, including Google reviews. It offers you with a dedicated Google review widget that enables users to display Google reviews on their respective website.

With the help of this tool, you can collect Google reviews from your Google My Business Account. Allows you to curate and customize the collected feed and displays them on the website. You can easily embed Google reviews on the website by following some simple steps.

Alongside easing the embedding process, it also provides various useful features that you can utilize to maximize the benefits of the Google review widget. The feature includes a customization feature that allows you to personalize your widget as per your need. Also, you have the option to choose an appropriate theme and layout for your widget. A suitable layout for the widget makes the website more presentable and organized.

The tool also has the moderation feature that allows you to remove the reviews that you think are inappropriate or might mislead your website visitors. That means you can have those reviews on the widget that are only related to your business.

Responsive widget, custom CSS, custom CTA, and analytics are some of the tool’s major features.

2. Review-Widget

As the name suggests, the tool focuses on providing a review widget for your website that you can add to your website. Following some simple steps, you can embed the Google review widget on the website with this tool.

Reviews on the website also help in developing a review cycle that might help in generating a better market reputation. So, whenever consumers will read the reviews displayed on your website, it will encourage them to write reviews and get a mention in the review. And this helps in generating a review cycle for your brand. And then, you can flaunt your positive reviews on your website, and we all know how much influence positive words have on a brand’s growth and sales.

You can even beautify the widget by using the customization option and add more grace to it using modern and appealing widget designs.

3. Elfsight

Elfisight is another fantastic social media aggregator tool that helps you collect social media feeds from different platforms and assist you in displaying them on your website.

Like the tools mentioned above, Elfsight is also compatible with Google reviews and hence allows you to embed Google reviews on your website. With their dedicated Google review widget, you can seamlessly showcase Google reviews to your website visitors and build credibility for your business.

It also has ample review widget layout options you can use to display your Google reviews in style. An appropriate layout can make your website and widget more organized and appealing to the eye.

For example, you can use the grid layout to showcase your reviews. The grid layout is one of the common layouts and is even used by many social media platforms. The grid provides uniform space to the content, and your visitors can read many reviews simultaneously. Another prevalent layout is the slider layout. Slider layout takes less space on the website, and you can place them anywhere on your website. List and masonry are other types of layouts that Elfsight provides.

4. Reviews on My Website

Last but not least, Reviews on My Website. Reviews On My Website is another amazing tool that helps users to collect Google reviews from their Google My Business Account, allows them to monitor the collection of reviews, and assists in displaying them on respective websites.

The tool is easy to set up and prevents you from indulging more time in the embedding process. With three simple steps, you can easily embed Google review widget on website, and provide social proofs to your website visitors.

Reviews On My Website tool is compatible with all types of website building platforms, hence providing you the solution for all types of websites. The tool doesn’t require any coding skill or experience to display Google reviews and with the use of beautiful templates, you can showcase the reviews in style and create an everlasting impression on your visitors. Also, the tool provides reviews in real time. That means the tool pulls all the latest reviews automatically and displays them on your website, making your site more engaging, and keeping your visitors hooked for long.

Over to You

By choosing to embed Google review on the website, you can bring great engagement to the website, build credibility and at the same time help your consumers in making their purchase decision. The tools mentioned above are the best in the market and are known for providing excellent results. You can find these tools with ease and use them to display reviews on your website with ease.

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