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Coronavirus disease is an infectious disease that is caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. The emergence of Covid-19 has driven the worldwide emergence of the pandemic, causing an immense loss to Human Life. However, to fight this deadly virus, the entire human race shall emerge as a team and work towards saving lives. We have already fought halfway through it. However, there are many more challenges on the way. This blog shall further be your 360Degree guide for Covid-19, providing all the requisite details about the deadly virus and the right insights to save yourself from the same.


“Prevention is better than cure.”

Most people infected with COVID-19 will encounter mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring any special treatment. Older people and those with fundamental medical issues like heart disease, diabetes, constant respiratory infection, and cancer are more prone to develop serious illnesses.

One ideal approach to slow down this transmission is to be well-informed about this disease, the sickness it causes, the way it spreads, and methods of getting cured. The first and foremost necessity is to shield yourself and other people from contamination by washing your hands or utilizing an alcohol-based sanitiser frequently.


The COVID-19 infection spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when infected individual coughs or sneezes. Hence to avoid the spread of this disease, it is mandatory to practice respiratory etiquette.


Even though COVID-19 causes just mild issues for the majority, it can make some people extremely sick. More rarely, the illness can be deadly. About 15% of individuals become genuinely ill and require oxygen, and 5% become critically ill and need serious consideration. Older people, and those with a medical history, specifically including hypertension, heart issues, or diabetes, give off an impression of being more vulnerable.

Complications leading to death may include respiratory failure, sepsis, and septic shock, or multiorgan failure, including injury of the heart, liver, or kidneys. Alongside, in rare circumstances, youngsters can also build up an extreme inflammatory syndrome half a month after the COVID-19 infection.


As per the current CDC guidelines, you should self-isolate until you’ve met all three of the following criteria:

  • It’s been ten days since your symptoms first appeared.
  • COVID-19 symptoms have improved.
  • You do not get the fever for 24 hours, and you have not used fever-lowing medications for 24 hours.

While at home, perfectly self-isolate within the separate room to restrict interactions with other family members. Simultaneously, follow these tips for weathering COVID-19-

  • Quarantine yourself.
  • Contact a clinician.
  • Monitor your oxygen level at home.
  • Keep doing Yoga for a speedy recovery.
  • Stay well-hydrated.


If Covid-19 is spreading in your community, you can take the following safety measures or precautions such as:

  • Physical distancing- Maintain at least a 1-meter distance between yourself and others to reduce the risk of infection.

The further away, the better.

  • Wearing a mask- Make wearing a mask a normal part of being around people. The appropriate use, cleaning, and disposal are essential to make masks as productive as possible.
  • Avoiding crowds: Outbreaks have been reported in parties, clubs, offices, etc., where individuals have gathered. These places are where the infection seems to spread rapidly. So, avoiding such areas is much more significant.
  • Do not forget the basics of hygiene- Cleaning your hands frequently, either washing them with soap or using sanitizer as it eliminates germs, including viruses that may be in your hands—moreover, clean surfaces that are regularly touched like doors, handles, faucets, etc.
  • Coughing into a tissue- Cover your mouth and nose with your elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze. Make sure to dispose of your used tissue promptly into a shut dustbin and wash your hands. By following good ‘respiratory cleanliness’, you shield individuals around you from infections, which cause colds, flu, and COVID-19.



  • Know the wide range of symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Stay home and self-isolate yourself if you have minor symptoms such as fever, cough, headache. Have someone bringing you supplies and call your health care provider.
  • If you face mild fever, cough, or difficulty breathing, seek medical attention immediately and follow the medical directions prescribed by your doctor.


Amidst these challenging times, the development of Indian Vaccines has emerged as a ray of hope for the natives. In fact, the second phase of the COVID-19 vaccination drive has also started in India. India is currently giving jabs of two vaccines – one developed by AstraZeneca with Oxford University’ COVIDSHIELD’ and one by Indian firm Bharat Biotech’ COVAXIN’. These two vaccines are available free of cost by the Indian Government at Government medical set-ups, but one can also pay 250 Rupees per dose at private facilities. These vaccines have shown more than satisfactory results ever since the inoculation started in India.

Covid 19

India so far has given more than 100 million doses of these two approved vaccines -     

1. Covaxin is an inactivated vaccine, which has been set up on a tried and tested foundation of dead viruses. This vaccine contains inactivated viruses, which cannot infect a person. This helped the immune system to prepare a defence mechanism against the active virus.

2. Covishield  has been prepared using the viral vector platform- totally a different technology.

There are no limitations between these two vaccines in terms of their dosage. But, both of them follow a two-dose regimen, administered 28 days apart.

Covaxin has been conceded a limited use approval in medical trial mode, while Covishield has been allowed into emergencies that can possibly prevent Covid infection in individuals aged 18 years or above.


  • Clinical trials conducted by various registered and renowned health care bodies confirm that hydroxychloroquine does not prevent illness or death from COVID-19.
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements cannot cure COVID-19. A person affected by the virus should seek a proper prescription given by their health care. COVID-19 virus does not transmit through water or swimming. However, the infection spreads between individuals when somebody has close contact with an infected individual.
  • As per the reports and the data available, it is evident that people who get COVID-19 recover from it. All we require is some necessary precautions and a courageous spirit.
  • Thermal scanners CANNOT detect COVID-19.
  • Exposing your body to the sun or temperatures higher than 25°C DOES NOT protect you from COVID-19.
  • Your ability to hold your breath for 30 seconds or even more without the discomforts of coughing and feeling DOES NOT demonstrate that you are free from COVID-19.


The following helpline numbers can provide oxygen cylinders and IUC bed facilities: 


  • Anand gases, Jaipur (7971389338)
  • Mahalaxmi gases, Jaipur (8068970640)
  • Ankit gases, Ajmer (8048115761)
  • Amba oxygen, Alwar (8048020924)
  • Ajay medicare, Alwar (8048719216)


  • Madhukar Rainbow Children Hospital, near Malviya Nagar, Metro station, Geetanjali FC-29 5, Delhi. (9100065913, 8448284610)
  • Popular Scientific Corporation (New Delhi)
  • 08048019809
  • Medical Engineers limited (Wazirpur, Delhi) 8048737799
  • Ambay gases & Mill Store (Shahdara, Delhi) 8048993927
  • Paras, Kalkaji (8826513407)

Availability of beds


  • Mittal Hospital & research centre, Ajmer (1452603603)
  • Brain Tower D- 357/358, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur
  • Beds available for covid patients.
  • Contact: 9252546364, 0141-2724258.
  • Lord’s hospital, Alwar (93512333471)
  • Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur (01412547000)
  • SMS (Charak block), Jaipur (01412560921)
  • Manipal hospital, Jaipur (1800102555)

DELHI: (Non-oxygen beds)

  • 18004192211- Noida DRDO helpline for finding beds.
  • HAHC hospital, Hamdard Nagar, New Delhi
  • Contact- 8588890999, 9136033349
  • SEHGAL NEO hospital, Paschim Vihar, Delhi
  • SAROJ hospital, Rohini (01143400000, 47903333)

DELHI: (oxygen beds)

  • Ambala hospital
  • 100 beds available, ICU+Oxygen beds
  • 9910223322 (Sahil Gupta)
  • 9582041424 (Rohit Agarwal)
  • ESI hospital (01242252001)


  • 200+ Oxygen beds are available currently.
  • Contact: 6284177567, 01762520000


Arogya Setu utilizes contact details and the location of the infected person to record details of all the people you may have interacted with as you go about your normal routine activities. If any of them, later on, tests positive for COVID-19, you are promptly informed, and proactive clinical intervention is arranged for you. By protecting the potential risk of contamination in you and others, Arogya Setu empowers better wellbeing for people around you, going about as a safeguard of security for all your friends and family.

The application helps the Government of India distinguish hotspot areas, consequently controlling the spread of the infection. The more people use this application; the more compelling the application will be in binding the pandemic.

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