9 Different Ways to Improve Your Character Animations

There are no two opinions about the fact that character animations are the future of marketing. Animations make it really easy to explain the concepts and market the product/services. The handy approach will help you in channelizing and propagating interactions with different team members easily. To add life to animation, people use appealing characters by taking the help of the best motion graphics artist. 

Designing perfect animated characters can make or break your entire video. Beautiful characters can capture the essence of emotions and can inspire the audience to make a purchase. To make sure the work stands out from the rest, Some organizations hire the best video production company to do things done more efficiently and professionally. 

But others are also leaning more towards using a video animation maker to control the production of their animated videos and also save money and time. 

If you are also planning to create animated characters to boost your website presence, then this article is for you. Here are some tips by considering which you can design awesome characters like a pro!

10 Tips to improve Character Animations

Let’s begin….

Look for the real-world reference 

To make the animations awesome, you can look up real-world references. By doing awesome research and analyzing the examples, you can easily develop an idea for improving the movements of the character. 

By better understanding the real world, you can easily record the dialogues, prepare the script, and can add expressions to your video that actually matter. Once you get an idea about creating facial expressions and new ideas, you can easily come up with something more realistic and productive. 

Understand the psychology of movement 

To make the animation more powerful, you can move every part of a character. And to proceed with that, you need to realize the concept of movement. By clearly evaluating the intentions of the individuals behind every scene, then you can animate the characters easily and in a more realistic way. 

No matter whether you produce 2D animated characters, or 3D animated characters, understanding the psychology of movements will help you better design the videos and get realistic output. 

Focus on Action-reaction anticipation

If you want to design animated characters like a pro, then you must study the action-reaction anticipation concept of characters. Once this anticipation is embedded into your animation on a good level, then you can easily get closer to the reality and design characters that directly hit the visitor’s mind. 

Once you have good hands-on these three main areas, including reaction, action, and anticipation, then you can easily design appealing animated characters. 

Always keep the rig simple

If you feel that animating 3D characters is totally dependent on the ability of animators, then my friend, you are somewhere is a misperception. Indeed they can help in achieving the targets, but most of the effects depend on the rigs used in it. 

So, whenever you create a character for your scene, make sure that each rig you use should be highly customized. If it is created as per the requirements of the animator, then it would be really easy for them to animate.

Do you know that an unprofessional rig can add much more to the animator’s workaround? If the system and mechanism is easy to access, then you can easily move to the next step.

Add proper timing and spacing

Another essential factor that can make or break your character animation is timing and spacing. Once you clearly understand when things should be quick and snappy or smooth or slow, then you can get the output that reflects professionalism. Timings and spacing are commonly figured out in the blocking phase. 

Always remember, the better you have a hold on the timeline, the more effective your animation looks. So, if you want your character animation to leave a lasting impact on your audience, then you need to create animation with proper timing and spacing. 

Understand the effects of gravity 

Another important tip that will help you to design character animation is to understand the effects of gravity. Gravity can actually have a strong influence on real life, and its impact will be different on the characters. Say if the object is heavier, then it will influence the object in comparison to the objects that are lighter. 

So, if you want every character to be powerful, make sure you proceed with its design after studying the impact of gravity. Once you are aware of this concept, you can animate without putting in much effort. 

Recycle basic animations 

Another tip that will really work out while animating the characters is the recycling of basic animations. You can make the best use of this tool only if you save the basic animations. Yes, you are reading it right! If you have a good amount of stock, then you can easily bring new concepts into action without investing much time and effort. 

Instead of giving yourself a head start, you can rework the existing character and give it a new look. This way, you can also dedicate more time to editing, editing timing, etc. 

Don’t miss out the contrast 

Just like timing and spacing, contrast is another element that you should not ignore while designing and animating characters. Once you successfully break up the animation enemy called evenness, then you can easily win the audience’s heart. 

Indeed, some movements might be even, but having evenness all time can be a bit irritating. This, you need to be very careful while placing the punctuations in a gesture. Once you clearly know how to contrast the entire gesture, then you can easily move through space. 

Avoid common mistakes 

If you want to improve your character animation, then you need to be very conscious of your mistakes. No matter whether it’s a small mistake or a big one, mistakes can actually ruin the quality of your characters animations. 

Thus, whenever you create gestures for your scene, you need to ensure that they have physicality and weight. If your character is not polished well, you might not achieve the result that you want. Each gesture has its own language; thus, you need to act like a superhero while removing bugs from your character animations

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The Final Say 

Many people think that animating characters is rocket science. Do you also wish the same? Before reading this blog, it might be yes. But now, hopefully, you might be confident enough to develop character animations that are highly professional and can help you to boost your business. 

Indeed, there are various strategies that one can follow to ensure the success of animated characters, but if you keep these concepts in mind, you can bolster your strategy and hit the goals. character animations. Visit for animation video production companies.

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