7 Instagram SEO Tips 2022: Top Key Ideas To Top Rank On The Instagram

When you use Instagram to market your brand, the perfect way to gain success is by increasing your following first. The more people you reach, the more possibilities of driving sales. Therefore, improving your Instagram is at most important. Visit here for 7 Instagram SEO Tips 2022: Top Key Ideas To Top Rank On The Instagram.

To increase your following, you ought to have a strong presence on Instagram. It is pretty tricky as the Instagram SEO is slightly different from the usual Google SEO; it takes time to get used to it. This article takes you through some of the ways to optimize Instagram search and why you have to care about optimizing Instagram in the first place. Let us dive in:

Why Optimize for Instagram?

Why do you want to optimize Instagram? Why is it necessary to spend time on getting found on Instagram? Some Statistics to answer these queries:

  • Over one billion active users on Instagram- you could reach them with the best SEO tactics.
  • Two-thirds of the overall Instagram users are less than or equal to thirty-four years of age. So, it is essential as the high purchasing made by people ranging in this age group.
  • Approximately fifty-three minutes per day is spent by people on Instagram, accounting for a significant portion of the day, which increases the possibilities of engaging people on the platform.
  • About eighty-three percent of people use Instagram to look for fresh products or services. That means the brand content you share on the platform can effectively help grab potential customers.
  • For Facebook IQ, once people see a brand or product on Instagram, 79% of people search for additional information, 65% visit the app or website, 46% buy products, and 31% follow the business account.

How is Instagram SEO different?

The above information tells you it is vital to get found on the platform as it is the primary thing to feed your customer acquisition. Getting found on Instagram does not work like Google search engines. For instance, hashtags have a vast difference compared to keywords, though keywords play a minor role.

Placing hashtags in your bio does not display your profile on the explore page, and using keywords in Instagram profile names. It increases your discoverability than putting them in your content. Therefore, it could be a bit confusing if you have just started a business on Instagram. And, that is the reason behind coming up with this post to help you out with the right Instagram optimization strategy and get noticed on the platform.

7 Instagram SEO Ideas – Best Instagram Optimization Tips 

1. Optimize your Instagram Profile

The explore page on the Instagram profile is like Google, wherein it displays the relevant profiles depending on your search word or phrase. Concerning Instagram, the search output depends on multiple factors, such as the profiles you follow and those connected. Liking a post on Instagram greatly influences determining relevance. Apart from this, keywords do play a crucial role. Hence, it is good to optimize your profile using keywords to get displayed on the explore page. Here’s how:

Username and Name: Including a keyword in the username and name is a perfect way to increase your visibility on the search page. About Usernames, it may not be possible as you need to put your brand name. But you could place them in the profile name in your bio.


Bio: The profile bio is the best place to place keywords that you wish to rank. Also, use it to tell about your business with related secondary keywords.


2. Put Up Captions Keyword-Optimized

The explore page on Instagram enables you to look for content just by using hashtags and location tags. Also, the platform makes some suggestions customized for every account depending on their interactions and interests. For example, if you frequently watch or “like” food-related content, then the explore page would showcase such type of content primarily. And, that is why the content captions come into the picture.

The Instagram algorithm for Explore page uses a profile embedding framework that helps discover profiles with similar topics. That framework studies what a word indicates concerning the context. And, it finds out how specific profiles are related to each other on keywords included in usernames, names, bio, and captions.

Therefore, writing extended captions with related keywords will increase your chances of seeing on the explore page. Instagram accesses the post captions to identify the exciting topics that match your profile.


3. Use Hashtags as Keywords

Hashtags work simply like keywords in search engines, and it helps people to search for relevant content. While looking for a specific hashtag, it will display all content tagged with that hashtag. In the same way, when you tag a post with specific hashtags, the post would be displayed while someone searches for those hashtags. So you need to include relevant hashtags in your posts to get automatic Instagram likes which makes more people notice your content. But, make sure not to overuse hashtags in the caption space as it could be a mess. Though Instagram lets you have up to thirty hashtags, try to find out the correct number of hashtags for your posts. You could also experiment with this to determine the right density that works for you.

Also, remember that Instagram considers other factors like profile relevancy, engagement, and more while ranking the post on the hashtag search page. Hence, the higher the engagement you acquire, the higher your content’s chances to be displayed on hashtag search pages.


It is good to focus on picture quality, posting times, etc., to engage your audience and build content visibility. Post only good-quality content to grab the audience’s attention. You could also identify the ideal time to post your content on Instagram and schedule posts ahead of time while the audience is likely to be more active and engaged on the platform.

4. Make use of Alt Text

An Instagram feature that enables you to write up alternative text to detail your picture. The platform then checks the picture description with a screen reader that reads out what the image contains. The feature, alt text, helps visually impaired audiences to know visual content on Instagram.

Apart from using this feature for visually impaired audiences, you could also use it for Instagram SEO. The idea here is to place keywords in the alt text to allow the Instagram algorithm to understand better what the picture contains and how it relates to a particular audience.

Even though Instagram automatically creates alt text for the pictures, remember to edit it to make it more detailed as the auto-created one may not be descriptive enough. Write your alt text by selecting “Advanced Settings” before posting the picture. Under these settings, click on “Write Alt Text” and write your text that describes the image along with specific keywords. Then, click “save” and share.


5. Encourage Tagging

The other way to increase discoverability on the platform is by tagging. If followers tag your profile in their in-feed posts or stories, others can see your profile by clicking on it. So, the higher you are tagged by people, the higher your chance to attract an even larger audience.

For instance, you could motivate the audience to tag you in their pictures of your brand, a chance to get featured in your profile. You could then reshare those pictures to show your appreciation. Although you want to maintain a feed aesthetic, share their posts to your Instagram Stories. Also, you could run giveaways and promotions that include tags to your profile. It is the best way to increase the tags as audiences are likely to take part when they have a chance to win prizes.

6. Steer Clear of Black Hat SEO

While you are battling to get attention, it could be tempting to fall for fast fixes like black hat Instagram SEO practices. But these fixes are just temporary; they don’t provide authentic visibility, which may hurt the performance in the long term. Moreover, the app keeps restricting those accounts that employ questionable practices to build visibility on the platform. It could include bots to initiate fake following and fake likes. Therefore, it is good to have genuine visibility even though it takes much effort and time. 

7. Monitor and Optimize

Similar to analyzing the SEO efforts, it is crucial to track your optimization efforts on Instagram. To stay at the top, perform an audit on your Instagram profile regularly and ensure you are making it right by asking:

  • Are the changes worth it?
  • Do they have an impact on visibility?
  • What to do to get even more impact?

You will better understand the answer to these questions when you start monitoring your profile performance. With a business account on Instagram, you could use the analytics tools to track the performance. The native analytic tool is perfect for knowing the individual post-performance, provides information on impressions, reach, etc. Remember to learn the differences between impressions and reach to understand how they play an essential role in the entire performance.


The Instagram profile can make the difference between a strong brand and simply another business. Hence, build visibility with effective SEO and increase brand awareness among the target audience. Use most of the optimization ideas mentioned above to get noticed on Instagram. 

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Sarah James is a Content Writer at VoxCorp with more than 8 years of experience in Social Media Marketing. In her free time she loves to talk with her friends on food, travel and ancient culture.


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