How to increase eCommerce sales in India? e-commerce Growth 2022

Every company, big or small, is nowadays trying to enter the eCommerce space. It is the best way to reach a bigger audience as the eCommerce platforms already have a customer base. More prominent companies are also choosing to open their eCommerce stores. This has made the eCommerce space more competitive than ever before. If you are here, it means that you already have an eCommerce store and looking to increase your sales. There is nothing to worry about as it is not an impossible task. So, let us get into the steps required to increase the sales of an e-commerce store.

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How to increase eCommerce sales in India

1. Create a mobile-optimised store:

Ensure that your store is optimised for mobile users, as most people in India today use mobiles to surf the internet. For this, you need to have a fast-loading website, very detailed and eye-catching graphics, optimised pictures, and videos.

2. Informative pictures and details of products:

With increasing competition, products must have clear images and, whenever possible informative videos. To display your products, you need to have the best high-quality photos taken of them. It increases the attraction towards the products and helps to increase sales in return.

3. Add customer video and text testimonials:

For any website that you open, testimonials play a significant role. Also, in any e-commerce platform, individuals decide based on reviews given by other real people who have used the products. So good reviews and testimonials go a long way in creating a trustworthy relationship between the customer and your business.

4. Add a phone number and address in the footer:

To increase trust, add a real phone number and the business address to help customers make their decisions more diligently. Also, make sure the number works so that they can reach out for any query.

5. Provide COD shipping:

Most Indian customers are still not synonymous with the online payment method, so they are always looking for products they can avail of at COD, which helps them with ease of payment. So, to increase your sales, do add in the COD perk.

6. Provide a welcome discount:

To warm up any new customer buying from you for the first time, add a special 10% discount to make them more interested in your business and make them a long-term client.

7. Provide Custom Brand Packaging:

Not only your products but your branding should also be extended to your packaging. Today, many small businesses add in hand-written notes or special discount cards for next-time purchases, which helps build long-term client-business relationships. You can also do that with some special packaging to make your product stand out and memorable.

8. Use social media to spread brand awareness:

Social media is the new way to market as it is a much cheaper option to quickly reach millions of people worldwide. Also, using social media to build your relatable nature and creating a trustable brand image will help the business in the long run.

9. Use WhatsApp & SMS marketing for order and sales updates:

You can use this trick that many new businesses are using to reach the clients directly. This way, the clients remember them more and are likely to order from them in the future. Also, constant updates about the order placed or the sales update helps build a transparent image for the company.

10. Concentrate on your current consumers.

When a company is having difficulty growing, it often assumes that it is due to a lack of customers. If you provide quality, customers will come to you.

11. Increase the number of deals available

If you worry about your profit margins, you can employ an age-old marketing tactic. This is a staggering statistic that emphasises the need to perfect your checkout process. This will encourage customers to act quickly rather than postpone their purchase which they may never do. Even if you do not have a limited number of things left, tell your customers you do.

12. Accept several forms of payment.

You must provide a variety of payment alternatives for your website’s products and services. By accepting several forms of payment, you will ensure that all kinds of customers can avail of your business.

13. Reduce the number of options available

This concept is simply inconceivable to many firms. Offering more items is undoubtedly an intelligent strategy to boost sales. This can be performed by grouping your products into progressively specific categories, which has the added benefit of making it easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for.

14. Write Blogs Around Your Products

Blogs have evolved into portals for brand awareness. And are effective! Write engaging posts about your product that will intrigue the user’s curiosity. Start interactions with your industry peers by posting the blogs on major networking sites. Keep your information interesting, concise, and timely.

15. Paid Promotions

We cannot underestimate the necessity of marketing the e-commerce business in this age of appreciating people and organisations with millions of followers. Paid promotions can be done in various methods, such as paying per click or for keywords. Also, try using Google Adwords. Google AdWords will help you efficiently reach out to new customers, whether you want to attract new visitors, increase online sales, or gain repeat clients. It is a popular form of sponsored advertising that attracts people’s attention. Customers can be targeted locally or globally, and the target audience can be reached at the right moment. It is incredibly successful in terms of achieving your intended sales outcomes.

Final thoughts

Every online retailer in India sells a diverse range of goods. As a result, the best marketing approach is determined by the type of business. Fortunately, there are thousands of techniques to increase online sales, many of which you can put into action anytime. You should know about some of the marketing strategies, whether you sell real things or provide a service, and improve your online sales performance. Learning and growing your business as learning new marketing strategies will help you grow your business and earn higher profits.

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