Best JAVA Tools for Web Application Development in 2022

Java is the most respected object-oriented language used across the globe. Oracle Corporation bought SUN Microsystems in 2010 and now Oracle performs complete maintenance of Java language. Unlike other languages, Java programs are independently compiled. Java is a simple, object-oriented, interpreted, robust, secure, distributed, portable, and highly-dynamic programming language.

This blog combines some interesting as well as simple Java tools for developers to assist them to make their code simple to execute. These Java development tools are available in both free and paid version so that Java Development Company can use and gain hands-on experience before selecting the best suitable one for your development project.

Java Tools for Web Application Development

  1. Eclipse

Eclipse is an integrated development environment, compatible with every language using Plugins. Currently, it have over 150 projects serving different aspects of software development.


  • Open source development environment that runs over the cloud.
  • In addition to Java, it supports other languages supporting plugins.
  • It include SDK, which in turn support Java developers and development for Tomcat, GlassFish, and several other servers.
  • This tool is popular and used everywhere to make code simple, easy to learn and debug.
  1. NetBeans

NetBeans is an IDE used to build Java applications. It supports every platform including Windows, Linux, Solaris, and MacOS. Similarly to Eclipse it is open source environment and perfect to create other programming languages including C, C++, and JavaScript.


  • Open source & Integrated development tools.
  • Perfect framework used to create Java Swing desktop application.
  • Compatible to save and load any type of data.
  • Facilitate step by step dialogues for Wizard Framework.
  1. JUnit

It is a Testing Framework used in Java programming language. Being an open source Testing framework it link JAR at compile time. It is used to build Test Cases.


  • Open source framework used to write and run test cases.
  • Fast & efficient to write codes for testing.
  • It include test suits which include test cases and other test suits.
  • Once a test passes it displays green bra and in case of failure red bar is displayed.
  • Tests Run automatically and provide instant feedback for the outcome.
  1. Apache Spark

It is an open source tool used to create large scale applications. It is also termed as a parallel processing framework and can manage both batch and real-time data workloads. It is designed to enhance processing jobs within the Hadoop Systems. It is a good option in case of MapReduce which were earlier used within Hadoop. It is coded in Scala language to work with spark core engine. It is faster in operation than MapReduce and this makes Apache Spark successful in the long run.


  • Re-usability of code.
  • It is dynamic in nature.
  • Used for fault-tolerance.
  • A high data processing speed in memory and faster on disk.
  • Perfect for both batch and real-time data processing.
  • Supports different languages including Java, Scala, and Python etc.
  • It is integrated with Hadoop systems.
  1. Jenkins

It is an open source framework and used for testing purpose which is written in Java programming language. It is an automation server-based system that runs Java servlet like Apache Tomcat. This software supports developer to find and address possible defects within the code and automate it.


  • Simple, User-friendly, and Extensible open source tool.
  • Plugins introduced are simple to use.
  • Simple Upgrades and installation.
  • Free open source tool.
  • It also supports build pipelines.
  1. IntelliJ IDEA

It is developed as an IDE by JetBrains. It is present as an Apache2 Licensed Community edition and Proprietary edition for developers. It supports code refactoring and is written in Java programming language. It is available in the form of open source environment.


  • It supports Version Control and other build tools including Maven, ant, and Gradle.
  • It is perfect to execute unit testing which is simple to learn.
  • It include built-in de-compiler.
  • Supports application servers including Apache Tomcat, WebLogic, and Glassfish.
  • Supports different languages including JavaScript, SQL, Scala, and Groovy.
  • It contain Keyboard shortcuts for an editor, windows tools etc.
  • It identifies the duplicity in the code which hence helps to optimize code.
  1. Android Studio

It is perfect to create apps on every type of Android device. It is an IDE available as an open source for mobile app developer. It supports different operating systems including Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

It supports different programming languages of IntelliJ Idea including Java. It is simple to code & debug and has fast build/deploy system. It is developed and maintained by Google and is used to build majority of the apps that are used on a daily basis. It has drag and drop features present to create an Android application.


  • Template-based wizards.
  • It supports the Gradle system.
  • Includes android based refactoring.
  • Layout and color preview editor.
  • It includes pro-guard capabilities.
  1. Apache Maven

It is basically a project management tool powered by Project Object Model (POM). It is perfect to create an Automation tool for Java projects. It shows both dependencies and builds of the software. Code compilation is simple in Maven. It downloads Java libraries & Maven plugins as well as stores them in a local cache.

It supports several programming language including C#, Ruby, and Scala. If a developer likes to use other programming languages including Scala or Ruby then related plugins is installed for that.


  • Introduces Parallel-builds.
  • Performance is enhanced because of its advanced speed.
  • Improvement in Error Reporting and supports Backward Compatibility.
  • No need to mention the parent version in the sub-modules, as it will do automatically.

So, these are the most popular Java Tools for Web Application development. You can hire Java developer from a recognized development agency to make optimum use of tools.

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Wrapping Up:

Java is the most used programming language in comparison to other across the globe.  There are several development tools present in the market for developers to use and they, in turn, make their job simple. We hope that the above-given list of Java Tools would help you to offer the right development tool for project completion.

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