5 Beneficial SEO Strategies To Drive Organic Traffic

In the online business marketplace, content is king. But content alone will not give you good rankings that can generate organic traffic to your site. You want traffic that generates revenue, not just clicks.

To achieve organic traffic that improves your revenue, you will need to work with the best link building agency.   If you have quality content but poor traffic results, the right agency will design a competitive SEO strategy to improve your website’s exposure in the search results.

The internet is ever-evolving, and search engines are always changing what they look for to rank sites. So, even before hiring an agency, you need to understand what it takes to be competitive in the SEO marketplace.

SEO Strategies To Generate Organic Traffic

1. Long-Tail keywords

Most websites just use the most popular keyword in the market. While using popular keywords may seem like the right decision, you should also understand that most of your competitors are using the same.

Instead of just looking for popular keywords, find keywords that are more specific to the services or the products you provide. It will take time, but eventually, the search engines will identify your website as a destination for quality content on the subject.

Google and other search engines rely on a specific website’s influence in a particular niche for ranking. If you work with keywords that are more specific to your product/services, you stand a higher chance of having more influence in that niche, translating to better ranking.

Long-tail keywords focus on a niche, which makes them less common but more specific. The other advantage is that these keywords are easier to rank since there is less competition for the same keyword.

Do not be mistaken to think that you might not get results with more specific keywords. There is a market for every product or service, and the vastness of the internet makes it easy for every website to find its target audience.

Since not many websites use long-tail keywords, the traffic that they generate is likely to turn into revenue. So, using long-tail keywords can lead to greater organic traffic as well as higher revenues.


2. SEO Audit

It would be best if you made it a regular practice to check your Google Analytics to determine your website’s performance. If your organic traffic isn’t doing too well, it might be time to conduct an SEO audit.

An SEO audit helps determine how friendly your website is to the search engines. If your website is not well-tailored to meet the demands of the search engine, it may not generate adequate organic traffic regardless of how good your SEO strategy is.

SEO Audit

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An SEO audit improves the website’s overall performance. Search engines look for the health of the website in their ranking, with the healthy ones getting the best results. If your website has low speeds, security issues, problems with site maps, or other issues that may affect its performance, then your ranking will fall, and with it, your organic traffic.

An SEO audit identifies issues that affect the site’s performance. So, an audit should be a regular practice.

But an audit also performs other roles that might improve your site’s performance but have nothing to do with its functionality. An audit will help you identify the keywords that are ranking better and generating organic traffic so that you can focus on them.


3. Infographics

Many people know about infographics but do not incorporate them into their website’s content. If you do not understand how to use infographics effectively, then you are missing a great deal.

An infographic is simply a visual expression of information that is relevant to your content. Infographics can help you express complex content in a way that users can comprehend. Infographics are also easy to understand and concise.

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Today’s marketplace is first-paced, and people do not want things that take too much of their time. This is where infographics come in: they deliver information quickly and conveniently.

Learn how to incorporate infographics into your content and see the change in organic traffic with almost immediate effect. In marketing, content is everything, but it does not mean only the written word. You need to go beyond the written word.

If you think of it, it all comes down to how the human brain processes information. The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Given that 90% of the information delivered to the brain is visual, you can use this information to increase your competitive edge in the marketplace.


4. Provide Longer Content

Providing informative quality content has always been key to generating traffic for most websites. But now, things are changing, and the demand for longer content is on the rise. Now, if you want to attract readers and turn that traffic into value, you have to provide longer, engaging content.

Longer content outperforms shorter content for various reasons. First, it ensures that users engage with the website longer, which may improve user engagement. It also provides higher online visibility, reliable website authority, better link building, and improves social sharing.

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With longer content, you can incorporate more keywords. While you may have the advantage of more keywords, the quality of the content is even more critical. Google bots scan every content, and if you just spam your content with keywords but no quality, you risk low ranking.


5. Link to Domain Authority

Raking on the first page of Google does not come easy or fast. For a new website, it is a journey that takes time and commitment to quality content.

For a new site, you will have lower domain authorities. So, it will be hard to compete with websites that have been running longer and gained the trust of search engines.

But you can build your domain authority through link building and improve your ranking. Search engines use domain authority because if reputable sites link to yours, they also raise your reputation.

Start by analyzing your backlink profile. Find out if your backlinks are coming from high domain authority websites that can boost your profile. Choose our links carefully and ensure that they are diverse (from different websites).


The challenge online businesses face is generating traffic that brings in sales. Good SEO strategies should ensure that when people search for the services or products like yours, they will end up on your website and not the competitor’s.


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